Riding a bike is one of the easiest sports in the world. All you need to do is to hop on, push the pedals and you’re good to go! However, whether you’re new to cycling or expert in cycling, we all tend to make mistakes. Here are the common cycling mistakes and tips on how to avoid them. 

1) Wearing helmets are not important

Wearing a helmet when you’re riding is essential. According to the National Safety Council, more than half of all bicyclist killed in crashes in 2016 weren’t wearing helmets. So, never make the mistake of riding without a helmet, no matter how short the trip may be.

2) The saddle is too low/high for you

If you want to ride a bike, you should look at the height of the saddle. You must be comfortable first before you ride. Follow these steps to achieve your most desired saddle height:

1. Adjust your saddle height by placing your foot on the pedal at its furthest point – your leg should be straight, so when you pedal, your knee bends slightly.


2. Your elbows should be slightly bent. In this position, you will exert less effort and avoid unnecessary injuries. 

3. As you start cycling, what feels good to you may change. 

4. Pay attention to the aches and pains after the ride to figure out if you need to change. 

3) The handlebars are too low/high

Make sure that you adjust the saddle first and then the handlebars. If you are a beginner, the difference between the height of the seat and the handlebars can be one to two centimetres. After a few trips, you will get used to this position; then you can move the handlebars down a bit.

4) You are not dressed appropriately

You need to pick the right clothes. Otherwise, you could find yourself miserable on a ride or even worse, in extreme difficulty. Well-padded biking pants will benefit you, but the right bike shirt has a significant advantage, too. The special fibres wick the sweat away from your body. Also, make sure to check the weather forecast for the entire duration of your ride and dress accordingly. 

5) The bike is not for you

Before you ride, ask yourself where you plan to ride. Will you be cruising on the streets or do you plan to do bike trekking? There are many different bikes for you to choose from, depending on your course – City bikes, trekking bikes, and mountain bikes. Some bikes can handle multiple types of terrain. So, before you buy, think about how and where you want to ride your bike and get advice from a bike shop about the frame’s size.


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