Being a great runner isn’t an easy work to do. Some people may make it look easy but running requires excellent determination, heavy training, and strength. If you’re going to run a marathon, you must be well-prepared so that you could take the long-distance running without a fuss.

There are many ways to prepare for the marathon to allow you to have a healthy routine that’ll make you stronger. One of the first things you have to do is find the right training plan that’ll work best for you. Not everyone was made to be the same, and one training plan doesn’t work best for everyone. You could experiment with which training plan you assure would work best for you and work your way with that. Along with this, you could also try training with a water jogging belt as it’s a great innovation on how you can improve your stamina for endurance running.

In line with this, swimming regularly has been linked to being a wonderful way of preparing for endurance running, and listed below are how they can help: 

1. Helps to Strengthen Your Legs

Going for a run requires muscle strength, most especially on your legs, as this is the part of your external body that moves to keep you forward. With that, it’s only wise that you strengthen your leg muscles so that you could run for miles and finish strong.


When you go for a swim, one of the most used parts of your body would be your arms and legs to keep you moving forward. By moving your arms and legs repeatedly in a similar motion, you improve the strength of your muscles.

The stronger your muscles get when you swim, the stronger your legs would be at different sports, especially running. Depending on the kick-off swim that you use, other parts of your leg muscle will develop.

2. Improves Your Cardiovascular Strengths

With swimming regularly, you’ll be able to practice your breathing and force your body to work with the amount of oxygen that it gets. Similar with running, you’re most likely to be out of breath when you swim. This helps you train your body to adjust to its environment, and in turn strengthen your endurance. When you’ve thoroughly trained your body to work with a limited amount of oxygen but still be able to push its limits through swimming, you can move distances by running.

3. Helps to Prevent Injury  

When you go for a run unprepared, there’ll be a high tendency that you’ll be encounter injuries since your body hasn’t developed well for its run.

When you swim regularly, you’ll be able to improve your cardio strength, which is what running is all about. Swimming causes the least biomechanical stress among most low-impact training exercises such as cycling, elliptical, and rowing, making it the popular choice for runners who wish to improve their endurance strength without having to run as a training method.

4. Uses A Lot of Repetition

One way to stabilize your body that you’re going into a ton of repetition is through swimming. Running involves the sole use of your two legs racing with each other to move you forward and win the race. However, it can be a tiring act, most especially when those are the only two parts of your body that you have to put force on to be at your best.

With swimming, you’ll be able to condition your body into doing something repetitive and be able to push its limits, limiting the time that your body gets tired from repetitive actions.

5. Builds Stronger Muscles

Not only that you’ll be able to improve your leg muscle, but you’ll be able to improve your overall muscle strength with swimming. Swimming is a whole-body exercise that helps to strengthen your whole body without you noticing it.

With proper swimming, you’ll maintain your posture and stabilize your hips, which are highly essential when you’re going for a run. Swimming will help keep your body in the right manner, prevent any injuries, and run faster due to proper body balance.


Preparing for an endurance run isn’t limited to running as your training method. You can always add additional training exercises that could help you become a better runner. One of the most popular choices for improving yourself as a runner is through practice. It genuinely enhances your muscle strength, especially with your legs, and regulates your breathing, which is incredibly important when you’re running for distances.

Going for a run requires you to learn proper breathing so that you could have a continuous healthy run and be able to run for much longer without passing out due to low oxygen levels.

It’s essential that you take proper training and not rely on core swimming as your training method for endurance running. You should focus on increasing your stamina and endurance so that you’ll be able to run distances and finish strong as these are the most important things that you need when you go for a run.


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