If there’s something we can call as the topic of hot debate, then it would be the real winner between running vs. working out!

Some say that running is the best, while others believe nothing is better than working out in the gym. No matter if you want to shed those extra pounds or you just want to stay fit, exercising is indispensable.

But what should you choose, running or working out? Well, here is a sure-shot answer to this question. Read on to find out whether you should run or spend time in the gym.

The freedom to exercise

If you want the ultimate freedom to exercise wherever you want, then you will see running as a better option. There is no need to hit the gym, and you can start running in the nearest park or trail. Furthermore, you can decide the hours as per your schedule so that things will seem more sorted and comfortable.


You can run outside your home or on the treadmill if you don’t feel like going out. On the other hand, working out requires you to hit the gym, which means dedicated hours.

You will miss the flexibility in your schedule, but the promising results of working out can fill this gap. There are some 24-hours gyms as well that you can take a subscription to enjoy some flexibility and ease of planning the schedule.

Cuts the commuting time

How far is the gym from your home? If it is miles away, then you will surely admit that commuting to the facility is challenging some times, especially when you are already missing your schedule. In the case of running, you don’t need to commute anywhere.

Just head out of your apartment, and you are good to go. When it comes to working out, you need the equipment, and that’s only available inside the gym.

Saves you money

Aside from investing in a quality pair of running shoes, running doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t need any subscription, no gym bag, no sippers, and nothing. An average gym membership can cost somewhere around $60 a month, and that can be around $720 a year.

Running will save you money while you can attain your fitness goals, like losing weight and getting lean. But does that mean that subscribing to the gym membership is worthless? Well, no!

When you take a gym subscription, you get access to the equipment, and trainers are there to help you out.

Depending on what your pocket allows, you can choose from running and working out.

No hassles of rain and shine

So, the sun is scorching, or is it raining outside? Well, these situations may push you to take a step back if you are a runner. Running in hot weather can be something most of you may want to avoid. Also, the same goes for when it is raining, so there are chances that you can miss your schedule.

But this is not the case with working out. You can head to the gym even if it is raining or the sun isn’t in a mood to let you come out of the house.

In short, when you work out, you get no excuse to miss it as the gym is there to welcome you no matter what the weather is.

Hits your entire body

Running strengthens your legs, back, arms, and core. And undoubtedly, you will feel some significant changes in your body after running for quite some time. But when you work out in the gym, it will hit every part of your body.

When in the gym, you get access to various tools and equipment so that you can exercise every part of your body from legs to arms and chest.

Improves your social circle

Whether you go to a gym for working out or run outside your house, you get a chance to expand your social circle. You get a win-win, no matter what you choose, and you can meet new people and learn about their experiences and how the exercise has helped them.

You don’t get bored

Going to the same place every day and meeting the same people can be boring, right? Well, that is the case when you work out in the gym. Running lets you explore new areas, and you can go to different locations with your buddies.

A shower is just minutes away

You cannot agree more about how much you miss the shower when the sweat is dripping from your body! While running, you don’t have access to the shower, and all you can do is come back home and hop in your bathroom.

But when you work out in the gym, you can take a shower before leaving. Gyms have separate bathing areas, and some even have spas and saunas, so you will get a place to relax after getting exhausted.

Which is better?

Running and working out both have respective pros and cons, and you have come across them in this article. The benefits you get with running can’t be achieved with working out, and vice versa. So, the best deal is getting the right balance of running and working out so you can enjoy unlimited benefits while staying fit.

Plan your schedule accordingly so that you can achieve your weight loss goals in the gym while refreshing your mind by running out in the wild, breathing in the fresh air.

Supplements to Aid You in Running and Working Out

So, you don’t feel like running or working out, and you miss being active? If you nodded your head with a yes, you need some natural endurance supplements that aid you in running and working out.

There are some performance boosters available that will surely make you feel more energetic, and you can spend more time in the gym or on the track. You can take advantage of Supplementadvisor free assessment in order to get a complete personalized list of available products, appropriate to your specific needs.

You can go for a supplement such as Detox Organics or SuperGreen Tonik, as they can act as a natural performance booster for runners. To enhance your stamina during the workout and to ramp-up the recovery rate, consider going with Green Superfood Powder.


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