To be the champion’s mom or dad is a big job. It takes a lot of time, patience and effort. At the same time, it brings incredible pride and joy. We tell you how to help your child to win the highest titles both in sports and study.

If a child succeeds in his favorite sport, it will bring him and the whole family a lot of advantages.

Let’s figure out how to raise a champion.

Let it be your child’s decision

It is necessary to make a conscious choice of a sport in which a child will develop. The achievements of a son or daughter should be their own merit. If a child has no desire to move to the professional category, the championship is out of the question.


Unfortunately, it happens that the motivation of parents to raise a champion from a child is the desire to ensure their future at the expense of their sports successes. But if this motive is the only one, the child will not go far. Rational motivation is the physical and emotional development of your son or daughter. The child should have a sincere desire to win the title of champion and to succeed.

Do not dwell on victories

Many of us believe that the main thing in sport is a victory. Change your attitude to this situation: participation in the competition is important! Strange as it may seem, this is what will give your child the opportunity to win.

It is proved in the psychology of sport that when an athlete is not focused on achieving victory at any cost but, for example, on mastering a new technical element, sports activities lead to more effective results. Thus, the chances to bring up a champion are much higher.

Be an example

Adults are role models in everything. Your task is to help your child maintain discipline. For this purpose, it is important to be organized by parents.

Introduce sports in your life as well – not at the champion level, but at least at the amateur level. It is not necessary to pour ice water over your child every day, but it is possible and necessary to put moderate physical activity in the daily life of your family. Arrange jogging, hiking and skiing or practising with a volleyball machine with them.

The right family lifestyle greatly affects the motivation of the child to reach heights.

Find a mentor

It is great if a child will have not only examples of adults to be equaled, but also a mentor who deals directly with its development, inspires and helps to go to the goal.

A competent mentor knows how to support a child in difficult moments, to inspire and not to let him lose, how to make the sporting path easier and more joyful.

Change the form of studying

If your goal is to raise a young athlete, a traditional school with a daily six-fifty lessons and mountains of homework will cause a lot of trouble. Future champions need to follow a strict training schedule, and often have to move from place to place during the competition. As a result – a large number of absences and a drop in performance.

Switch to family training to combine professional sport with a certificate. It is possible not to go to school, but to study at home. It is not necessary to teach a child on your own. Many athletes are attached to an online school, which takes on all the hassle of scheduling, taking into account the individual training schedule of the child. Finally, if there is no opportunity to study at home you may let your child use this useful source, that will definitely help him with studies.

Stay realistic

Before the child reaches the level of the Olympic Games, there will be a lot of training, defeats and disappointments. Be there all the time, no matter what.

If adults make unrealistic demands (three hard trainings a day, no rest and no international championship in a couple of weeks), a sports career can turn into torture. Do not demand quick and classy results, it will lead to the opposite effect – frustration, loss of faith in yourself and burnout. Remember that a young athlete has a whole path ahead of him. You have to help him pass.


If you are thinking about how to raise an athlete from a child, follow certain rules. Let your child choose whether to move to a professional level or not. Keep a healthy lifestyle for the whole family and always support the young champion. Change your form of education to fit your child’s basic general education schedule easily. Do not make any overwhelming demands on the future champion.


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