With more than two decades treating clients as a physiotherapist, choosing the proper modalities (e.g., adjunct machines like the Photobiomodulation Pod) to enhance rehabilitation in the most effective and non-invasive manner possible is essential to providing comprehensive, holistic patient care and treatment. The benefits of
Photobiomodulation Therapy – or “red light” therapy as it’s sometimes called – is one of the methods I use daily in practice to complement traditional physiotherapy techniques, specifically for sports-related prevention and injuries.

Choosing the best modality, based on its research-proven studies, is imperative to maintain muscle strength and performance for me to help clients return to their pain-free lifestyle with their exercise routines. And with Photobiomodulation Therapy, the ability to perform better goes beyond an injured athlete, and extends to healthy athletes who want to train better and smarter.

As a duathlete and ultra runner, I use Photobiomodulation as part of my overall training program. Not only do I recommend it to clients, but it’s one of my personal ‘secret weapons’ in my training, competing and recovery arsenal to help improve my performance. I feel lighter and infinite when I do long runs. On top of that I feel the mental clarity that comes with consistent use of full-body red light therapy. And it’s pretty effortless: I lay down in the Photobiomodulation Pod, close the cover and take a breather from the hustle-and-bustle of daily life … all in just 20 minutes.

Beyond sports performance and injury rehab, Photobiomodulation Therapy benefits extend into beauty and overall well-being. The therapy reactivates natural pathways for collagen deposition and fibroblast activity to produce vibrant radiant skin, enhances wound healing, prevents and treats sunburn, and can also reverse hair loss. Essentially,
it improves wrinkles, facial acne, and other skin issues. . In addition, Photobiomodulation contributes to increase melatonin secretion in the pineal gland to help maintain the circadian rhythm and improve sleep patterns.


Recover faster. Reduce inflammation. Prevent injuries. Increase collagen. Enhance skin’s radiance. Sleep better. Who wouldn’t want to jump into a pod once or twice a week?


Jenny Huang, Founding Physiotherapist at HelloPhysio, Duathlete and Utramarathon


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