Runners have gotten all sorts of stuff from participating in running events, be it buying those merchandises, or whether it’s included in the registration fee or gotten them for free when participates in the organiser’s or sponsor’s games or lucky draw at their race pack collection. Items received were most usually those same this and/or that: Drawstring bags/reusable bags, shoe bags, water bottles, items practical to runners and etc etc. One of the most I’ve gotten is event tees and singlets.

When I first started running a few years ago, I bought quite a lot of sports apparels, shoes and accessories as a motivation to encourage myself to keep on running. I used to be one of those who like to buy and buy, but when my wardrobe starts exploding with event tees and singlets from all the running events I’d registered over the years, I had stopped the buying of singlets and t-shirts at the very least unless its really nice and special (such as official apparels from overseas races) 🙈 I have only one upper torso eh 😂

And buying stuff is a kind of happiness! 🤭

Some running events have event singlet or tee as well as finisher tee. It’s 2 apparels already. I even got a total of 3 singlets & tee from one year of GEWR ❤️ It’s been 5 years since I first started participating in running events, just thinking about how many t-shirts and singlets I have was pretty scary 🙈


I don’t even recall having some singlets or t-shirts till I saw that I was wearing them when photos appear in my Facebook memories 🤣 Those clothes must be buried somewhere deep in my wardrobe 🙈 And I’m actually concerned about something I’d read about messy wardrobe and the link of it to bad energy or Fengshui plus I do get worried that my wardrobe might one day eventually give way and crush me flat like a smashed tomato. Most importantly of all, a messy wardrobe is not equal to being a messy person or having a messy life. I can be very Marie Kondo if I want to 😆

At first, I treasured these t-shirts and singlets a lot as I only had only just a handful of them. I had looked forward to receiving them! But after so many runs, I already come to the state that I didn’t even try to open the packaging and take a look at how the event singlet looks like after collecting them from race pack collection. Also didn’t bother to take a look at how my finisher tee looks like and gave them away to my mum, sister and aunt 😆 Also had donated a few pieces to charity too ❤️ Some were still chunked away in a box which I might forget where it is in years later when I get old. Though I estimated I still have at least a hundred pieces of them, I just kept wearing that same few pieces of singlets and t-shirts over and over again whereas others just sank deeper and deeper into the wardrobe 😂

What some will look at is the cutting, brand, design, material, colour etc. Some of the tees were very soft, cooling and comfortable and I wore them to sleep ❤️ Some of the tees on the other hand I figure will one day eventually become the floor rag 😆

I am me, depends on my mood, I don’t need to doll up so frequently and I can go around anywhere in these event tees. Luckily going around in t-shirts and shorts is quite a norm in Singapore and the weather here suits this type of casual wear. I don’t have a problem going to shopping malls or go for a movie in it and it spares me of wasting time and I do not need to take 1 hour or 2 hours a day thinking and being troubled of what to wear 😆 You might even impress your new date who’s also a die-hard runner in you Ultra Marathon 100 miles finisher tee or Boston Marathon event tee if he or she is a runner as both of you share the same interest 😎

Best of all, event tees and singlets can be worn as couple tee too 😆❤️

The most memorable event tee I’ve gotten was from my very first running event since I graduated from school, it’s Mediacorp Battle of the School Cross Country Run in 2015. The event tee was my secondary school’s PE t-shirt! It’s so sweet that the organizer tried to lias with the participants’ alma mater to get the tees 😍
I’ve graduated from secondary school ages ago and it’s a different shirt than I used to have 😍
They also gave a windbreaker as well upon completing the run and it’s so far the only run which I receive a windbreaker ❤️

So far I love Thailand’s event singlet most. They look more like jerseys for basketball players 🏀

Designs of Tees that I love a lot are those with flags of the organising country on it. Though I had participated in quite a bit of overseas and local running events, so far I only 4 shirts with flags on the event tee 🇲🇾🇻🇳🇸🇬🇹🇭

The only Singapore’s running event which I have the flag printed on is from The Great Relay back in 2016. The shirt should be hiding somewhere in my wardrobe 😂 I’d participated in quite a few runs that celebrate National Day and I’m pretty patriotic and love my country ya ❤️ Love the tees too ❤️

Since the circuit breaker a few months back, I used the spare time to tidy my room and uses quite a lot of time on my wardrobe. Taaaadaaaa 😍

Had only separated them by colour and whether it’s with sleeves or without. Not done yet as some OCD in me want to arrange the lighter shades of blue together or by putting together all the black shirts in the same row ❤️

Overall I still love to receive event tees and singlets. Unless it’s being offered in a sense such as discounted registration fee if we opt-out of receiving them, I will still not reject having more of them 😆 I have it all figured out that if one day I have too many of these tees and singlets, I can just use them as wallpaper, curtain, table cloth and for whatever uses I can think of 🤭

#MyChineseA2Too 🤭


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