There is a plethora of smartwatches readily available in the market, one to suit your every need. However, understanding what the latest technology offers and how it benefits us might be difficult for many to comprehend. Here is a short breakdown on how these Garmin smartwatch features assist you in making smarter and healthier choices as we get through this difficult time. 

Heart Rate

The heart is the center of all activities in our body. Beyond understanding your health condition, heart rate monitoring allows you to understand the physiological value presented by each heart rate zone and how it can effectively help you to set and achieve your fitness goal. With Garmin’s Elevate technology, it provides accurate data 24/7, allowing you to check your heart rate variation each day and your heart rate condition during exercise. 

Respiratory Rate

Breathing is an important body function that we take for granted daily. Having a low respiration rate is an indication of a healthy body. On average, an adult’s normal respiratory rate is up to 20 breaths per minute (brpm). Under stress, our respiration rate naturally increases to provide more oxygen to the body. However, rapid breathing could result in severe respiratory distress. Doing breathwork exercises help you relax, manage your stress level and improve your concentration and sleep quality. 

Pulse Ox (SpO2)

Pulse Ox (SpO2) is the measurement of your blood oxygen saturation level. While it seems more applicable to athletic individuals in tracking their performance, your blood oxygen saturation can influence your sleep quality as well as your overall well-being. Monitoring of your SpO2 works together with sleep monitoring to aid in understanding your sleep patterns and cycle. Daily checks on your pulse ox can help with managing health conditions through early detection of respiratory issues like pneumonia, where oxygen saturations are lower than normal.


Sleep Monitoring

Having adequate and quality sleep is important in building the first line of defense against illnesses and maintaining healthy body functions. When the body reaches the deep-sleep stage, our body recovers and repairs physically. Whereas in the REM stage, important mental processes such as synthesising memories and emotions happens. When monitored together with the level of blood oxygen saturation and the number of times you toss and turn during your slumber, understand the quality of your rest and how your day could affect your goal of achieving better sleep quality. 

Stress Tracking

Garmin’s smartwatches use heart rate variability to track your stress levels throughout the day. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the measurement of the time interval between heartbeats as opposed to your heart rate which is the number of beats per minute. HRV focuses on the small fluctuation of the heart which would be an indication of sudden stress imposed on your body. 

Moderate Exercises Help Boost Immunity

Boost your immunity by doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises each week. A mix of strength and cardio exercises can help to improve the efficiency of blood delivery to the whole body, strengthening your body’s metabolism and promote muscle recovery that aid in building your immunity. Garmin smartwatches provide insights by monitoring the intensity of your workout with your heart rate and provides recommended recovery times to ensure proper rest in between activities.

It is important for us to reconnect with our bodies and take some time to better understand the various health indicators. Monitoring our body paints a clearer picture on the different steps we can take towards making smarter and healthier choices that would benefit us on the long run.

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