Essential oils are becoming more popular as each day rolls by. More people are becoming aware of the vast benefits these therapeutic oils offer and go all the way out to purchase them for physical and mental use. Essential oils are known to provide relaxation and relieve pain. Presently, it is commonplace to find these amazing products in spas, drugstores, salons, offices, and other activity-filled places.

Due to the myriad of essential oils out there, it becomes challenging to opt for the ideal product that suits your personality and needs. Besides, there are essential oils that are ineffective due to their substandard quality. If you intend to soothe a particular pain in your body or relax and meditate, you need the right essential oil. To get the ideal product, it is important to know their functionalities.

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Choosing Essential Oils That Meet Your Condition

One way to find out the essential oil that will address your health condition or help you achieve some health goals is to experiment. When purchasing these products, do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, as each product is tailored to meet some specific needs.


To begin with, understand your health challenge or desire. In the case of relieving pain, you need to get an essential oil that has the right amount of nutrition targeted to relieve the pain; this could be a swollen joint or injury. The same also applies to relaxation. The following include some essential oils and the health issues they resolve:

  • Peppermint: General pain relief, head tension, joint pain and function, muscle pain, enhanced energy.
  • Frankincense: Inflammation and relaxation.
  • Lemon: Energy and immune support and defence against viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.
  • Grapefruit & rosemary: Energy
  • Roman chamomile & ylang ylang: Relaxation
  • Copaiba, marjoram & Cypress: Joint pain and function

In general, essential oils are linked to stress relief and relaxation. For this reason, they are widely used by massage therapists. Their benefits are backed with scientific facts; presently, there are over 17,000 medical studies on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils that are channelled towards several health concerns. For each essential oil that is produced, there is a distinct combination of medicinal properties. An example is peppermint oil; this oil contains certain cooling and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an ideal option for soothing chronic pain. Whereas oils like lavender possess sedative properties that relieve stress and tension, relax the body and mind.

Essential oils are also ideal for the promotion of digestion, detoxification, and hormonal balance. Hence, understanding what you want is key to getting the right essential oil for your condition. When applying an essential oil to your skin, ensure that you dilute it in a carrier oil. Aside from the fact that it reduces the harshness of such oils on your skin, it also retains the oil on your skin longer. Some carrier oils include jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and the rest.


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