Sports Medicine is the branch of medicine that uses exercise, activity, sports and movement as a form of treatment. It deals with issues and problems arising from sports and exercise such as in athletes and people who seldom exercise. It uses exercise and activity to treat other health conditions and illnesses such as diabetes, heart and lung diseases. It also encompasses improving performance and function for everybody, from those who can hardly climb stairs to the elite athletes, by improving their lifestyle, diet, habits and movement.

Who should see a Sports Doctor?

  • Individuals who want to enhance their personal sports performance
  • Individuals who suffer from sports injuries or have exercising issues
  • Individuals who have worsening joint or limb function
  • Individuals with metabolic and diabetic conditions and require modifications in their lifestyle habits
  • Individuals who have been inactive for some time and desire to start exercising

What are the typical types of services provided?

1. Musculoskeletal / Sports Consultation

2. Sports Treatment

3. Lifestyle Management


4. Performance Optimisation (Specific to Sports Activities)

  • Gait and Motion Analysis
  • Exercise performance testing – VO2max / CPET testing

5. Health & Fitness Screening

  • Pre-exercise Screening
  • Pre-event Screening
  • Functional Testing
  • Physiology Testing – Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Benefits of seeing a Sports Doctor

Recover fast, recover well

  • Improve flexibility and range of motions through sports treatments

Bring your sports performance to an optimal level

  • Attain your ideal sports performance through lifestyle and training regime modifications

Start a healthy lifestyle

  • Assist patients with diabetes and metabolic conditions to improve their well-being through exercise and lifestyle changes

Injury prevention and risk management

  • Learn to minimise risk of sports injuries through various combination of exercise techniques and recovery strategies


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