A treadmill may be seen as only suitable for the gym, but having one in your home can give you the best exercise options. It can be used at home when you don’t have to go to the gym because of the lack of time or can’t get outside for other reasons. Whether it’s a low-cost treadmill or not, they will all do the same functions. But before you decide to purchase a low-cost treadmill, consider the following factors.

Budget for a treadmill

Budget is probably the most important factor you have to consider before purchasing a low-cost treadmill. This home fitness equipment should have the highest quality for the money you’re ready to pay for it. The best treadmill should be easy to use, comfortable, and durable.

For a low-cost treadmill with great horsepower, it can have an impact on your workouts. A treadmill with a continuous-duty horsepower of 2.5 to 3.0 can be ideal for frequent exercise. Besides, depending on your weight, you should consider finding a treadmill with a powerful engine. Here are more specifications you should look for:

  • Size of the belt. Consider having a belt of 48 inches long and 18 inches wide for the treadmill you want to use for running. 
  • Speed. For running, find a treadmill that can go up to 10 mph or more.
  • Incline. A treadmill that has an incline of 10 percent or more is ideal. It’s even better if it has a decline feature that helps you to feel like you’re running outdoors.
  • Cushioning. A treadmill should be stable, meaning it shouldn’t shake while running or walking on it.

Workout space and size of the treadmill

It makes sense to plan for space where you want to place the treadmill before you purchase it. Therefore, you should measure the floor space you want to put the treadmill. This space is also important for doing other various exercise activities. Remember that treadmill dimensions are published, making it easier for you to determine if the treadmill will fit well with your floor space measurements.


Once you have figured out how much space you require to have a treadmill, you can choose the right treadmill. Standard treadmills usually measure 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. However, you might also find folding treadmills that are shorter but need plenty of floor space.

Try a treadmill before you buy

It might be challenging to find the right treadmill that meets your expectations. However, you should research and try different models of treadmills before you purchase them. For this reason, list a variety of treadmills that you are interested in and call the sellers to find out if you can try them. 

When you visit the shop, spend a couple of minutes on the treadmills to make sure that they are quiet and stable while running or walking on them. The quality of the treadmill can also be determined by the manufacturer’s warranty. Hence, a lifetime warranty or a minimum of 10 years inscribed on the frame and motor might reveal its quality.


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