Whether you’re new to the workout scene, or you’re a fitness fanatic, it’s important that you keep your body in good shape. When it comes to endurance, nutrition is a key factor, so keeping control of your calories and taking several factors into account such as your body weight, how fast and long you run, as well as your training frequency is crucial. Here are five nutrition tips for boosting your endurance.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

If you tend to exercise first thing in the morning, make sure that you get up early enough to have breakfast at least one hour before beginning your workout. Not only will this give you the energy you need to succeed, it will raise your blood sugar too. If you don’t eat, you may feel lightheaded or sluggish when working out, making it harder for you to stay on track. We all know how important it is to follow a balanced diet, so getting your day off to a good start with a healthy breakfast can help to boost endurance.

Size Matters

It can be all too easy to overeat before exercise, however, you may not realize the impact it can be having on your health. To help boost endurance and stamina, make sure to eat large meals between three and four hours before you exercise. If you are having a small meal, make sure to eat two to three hours before. If you eat too much, you may feel sluggish and rundown, which will have an impact on how much energy and endurance you have for your workout. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout your fitness regime. Dehydration can cause you to lose focus, so make sure to avoid carbonated beverages and instead, swap them for plenty of water.

Choose Your Carbs Wisely

What you may not know is that carbs aren’t all the same. The two groups that you must keep in mind are complex carbs, and simple carbs. Complex carbs are broken down in the body throughout a long period, helping to provide you with energy and endurance throughout the day, whereas simple carbs are absorbed straight away, helping to boost your glucose levels. If you want to increase your stamina straight away, simple carbs can be quite beneficial.


Avoid Caffeine Before Running

Many of us drink cups of coffee to get us through the day, however, when it comes to running and fitness, it’s best to avoid caffeine as much as you can. While caffeine increases your blood sugar and heart rate, which in turn can help you go faster, it will wear you down faster. It’s better to have caffeine after working out, rather than having a quick burst of energy at the beginning of your workout.

Try Natural Energy Boosters

There are various natural supplements that may be able to help when it comes to improving your general physical performance. You can purchase nutrient rich products from Basik Nutrition, helping to provide you with natural energy while supporting your overall health. Whether you’re wanting to improve your fitness, prepare for a marathon, or boost your stamina, natural supplements can be a huge help.

Whether you’re working out in the gym or going for a long run, it can be all too easy to fall at the first hurdle, especially if you’re running out of breath. To help boost your endurance, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast before you start, pick your carbs wisely, as well as try out natural energy boosters such as supplements which can help you on your fitness journey, giving you the endurance and stamina you need to stay moving.


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