It is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health. It may be challenging to find the time to exercise or hit the gym, but an evening stroll or walk during lunch or after work is all you need to enjoy some real health improvement. All you need to have is a walking/running shoe and probably some companion during your walks and you’re definitely good to go.

Here’s 20 benefits of walking:

  1. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  2. Helps to maintain weight
  3. Reduces your stress levels
  4. Increases your energy levels
  5. Helps to boost your mood
  6. Gets the blood pumping
  7. Prevents obesity
  8. Help to reduce anxiety
  9. Increases functioning of the lungs
  10. Increases the body’s access to Vitamin D
  11. Gives you time to practice self-care
  12. Improves coordination and balance
  13. Improves the quality of life
  14. Reduces the chance of diabetes
  15. Reduces the risk of cancer
  16. Improve the quality of sleep
  17. Walking can spark creativity
  18. Strengthens bones and muscles
  19. Improve blood pressure
  20. Can help to boost your immune system

Simply just walking for 30 minutes a day has a lot of benefits to your body and yourself. Start walking today!



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