It’s not just about great abs, but better core fitness also helps in many sports one plays

Core fitness – In strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen – is no mere fad but an important component of a sporty lifestyle and, indeed daily life. In strengthening and conditioning the muscle groups that join the upper and lower body, one can improve performance and endurance, while also making himself less injury-prone. An hour session can burn between 400-700 calories. Here are some exercise to strengthen the core, all done in two sets of 15 reps.

1)Suspension trainer with single-leg extension

From a standing position, lift one leg off the ground. Then extend it all the way back, maintaining a 90-degree angle, as your bend the knee of the other leg.

2) Squat-press with olympic bar

Squat with feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the bar and place on shoulder. As you stand up, trust the bar upwards, elbow straightened. Return to the original position.


3) Walking lunges with medicine ball

In a standing position, with ball held out at shoulder level, lunge forward. At the same time, raise the ball directly over your head, keeping your hands straight. Step forward to return to the original position.

4) Abdominal sit-up with medicine ball

Lie in a sit-up position, with hands extended straight back, holding the medicine ball. Sit up, with arms straight above the head. Then bounce the ball against the rebouncer. Catch it, and return to the original position. Keep knees raised throughout.

5) Step board high jump

Squat with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at the back. The take-off: Swing your hands forward and upwards as you jump up the step board. Step down: Do not jump down.

6) Shuffle push-up

ithout moving your feet, shuffle sideways to change the hand on the ball, then do a push-up while keeping chest out and back straight. Repeat.


  1. I recognise a lot of these exercises – my running coach incorporates most of the ones you’ve listed. I must admit though, I’m a big fan of single-leg deadlifts to help strengthen hamstrings, and single-leg squats on a TRX for a bit of a hard-core strength set. Two strength sessions a week for me has made a huge difference to my performance and recovery.


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