Losing weight is never easy, but there are times when it seems as though nothing you do helps you shed the pounds. No matter how little you seem to eat or how much you increase your exercise, it’s a slow and almost painful process. There’s only so much food you can deny yourself and only so many hours in the day to hit the gym. Perhaps that’s because you haven’t learned the secret to weight loss efficiency. It’s true! If you want to finally start shedding those unwanted pounds, you need to understand what it takes to lose weight efficiently. Here are three tips that should help.

1. Choose Your Food Carefully

Sometimes we find ourselves counting calories to no avail. After weeks of eating smaller portions and eliminating sweetened beverages from your diet, you find that you haven’t dropped more than a pound or two. Unfortunately, it’s not always about how much you eat but rather what you are eating and drinking. Some people do well on a low carb diet while others do well on a low-fat diet. The trick is to find which works best for you and then to alter it to some degree to speed up the weight loss process. For example, if you are on a low-fat diet, it’s time to learn that not all carbs are good carbs.

If you are going to eat a low-fat diet with the bulk of your calories coming from carbs, it’s time to learn the difference between fast-burn and slow-burn carbs. The body turns fast-burn carbs into sugar quite quickly, which will interfere with weight loss. On the other hand, slow-burn carbs are digested slower, which means it takes more time and effort to be converted and why they are recommended on a weight loss regimen. There is evidence to indicate that it takes more calories to convert those carbs than the number of calories in the food in question.

2. Work up a Sweat

You have probably heard of sauna vests and suits that are meant to help increase the amount of sweat the body produces during exercise. Unfortunately, too many people write this off to water weight loss, but that is not all there is to it. New scientific evidence proves that when you sweat more during exercise, three very important things happen to your body that helps to increase weight loss. Studies show that sauna suits used during exercise provide:


  1. Higher resting metabolic rates.
  2. Reduced blood glucose during fasting.
  3. An increase in fat oxidation.

And, this is after only a 45 minute exercise period three times a week. With a sauna vest or suit, you’ll sweat more than ever so you should really consider the benefits of investing in one. Also, a sauna vest can be worn under your everyday clothing, which will keep you sweating more under normal activity.

3. Balance Exercise with Rest

While it is a well-known fact that the body sheds pounds during times of rest, that isn’t the only reason you want to ensure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. The current consensus is that when you are better rested you can put more energy into exercising. This not only helps to build firmer muscles but also increases the rate at which you sweat. Along with the sauna vest mentioned above and eating the right kinds of foods, sleeping can help you burn the fat quicker than you ever thought possible.

Remember, it isn’t always about cutting calories. Losing weight requires some radical changes in your way of thinking. Instead of counting calories, eat a healthier diet in smaller portions. Also, take the time to learn how increasing the amount you sweat does more than eliminate water weight. And finally, do get enough rest so that you are not too tired to give it your all when you hit the gym. These three tips should set you on the road to faster and healthier weight loss than you ever dreamed possible.


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