Here’s a few simple conditions on a daily basis for you to follow to work towards a healthier you

1) Don’t give in to fad diets

Whether it’s a detox programme or the latest diet guaranteed to make you lose those extra kilograms you’ve put on over the festive season, it’s best not to try them. Diets are usually short term fixes and could also have a yo-yo effect on your weight. They could definitely lead to disappointments if they don’t work. Instead, aim for a balance diet which includes your daily dosage of vegetables and fruit, eat as healthily as possible, cutting down on junk food and lastly, manage your meal portions accurately.

2) Eat more fruit and vegetables

Yes, it sounds like something everyone should know, but how many of us actually do this? Getting your five portions of fruit or vegetables should be essential part of your diet, to help us get the vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy. To achieve this goal, make a conscious effort to include vegetables like salads (avoid the dressing) for your lunch, fruits as your afternoon snacks and for dinner, have a balance diet meal which includes your meat, vegetables and fruits.

3) Eat only when you’re hungry

Some of us have the tendency to reach for snacks and munch on something whenever we’re relaxing or feeling stressed. Quit snacking while watching you binge-watch a Netflix series or at the office when mid-afternoon hunger pangs come along, just because food is available and within reach. Don’t eat unless you’re hungry!


4) Don’t skip meals

On the other hand, don’t skip meals just because you are not hungry or you lack of appetite. It’s important to have three meals every day. Breakfast, especially, shouldn’t be skipped because it jump-starts your metabolism at the start of your day. Skip it and you’ll find yourself craving for unhealthy foods later on.

5) Reduce consumption of processed food

Such food are usually loaded with sugar, salt, preservatives and fat, in order to make them taste better and stay fresh longer. This includes most packaged food such as chips, pre-made meals like frozen pizza and microwaveable meals, as well as cured meats from the deli. Most unhealthy snacks tend to fall under this category too, so keep them to a minimum.

6) Say NO to added sugar

The sugars that are found naturally in food like milk, honey and fruits are fine, but food with added sugar is not. Cut down on fizzy drinks, sweetened breakfast cereals, pastries and even alcohol.

7) Cook at home

Making your own meals is the easiest way to ensure you are eating healthily, because you know what ingredients are going into them and can pick the ones with the iconic triangle healthier choice logo. Also, you can limit your portions. So try to cook at home as often as you can.

But if you have to eat out, you can start planning your meals by looking out for their menus online or carefully scan through the menu for healthier options.


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