A triathlon is probably one of the most difficult sporting events known to man. A triathlon event includes running/sprinting, biking and swimming. It’s a test of physical and mental endurance, where a triathlete goes head to head with a lot of adversaries like Mother Nature. Your body needs to endure scorching hot temperatures, uneven terrain and probably the wrath of a cold lake.

Apart from picking out which marathon apparel to wear, there are five important things that people, who are new to triathlons, need to know about:

  • Never overtrain:

Over training leads to injuries and as a beginner, you’re probably excited in pushing your body to the limits on the first day of training. Admirable as it may be, it’s ill-advised to train till you puke. Start at a slow and steady pace so your body can adjust to the stresses.  Train hard, train right and train safe.

  • Never overeat:

Overeating is your worst enemy; after a day of training, your body will crave for nutrients to help it recover faster. Just because you burn many calories in running, it doesn’t entitle you to a binge-eating pass. A balanced diet of protein, healthy carbohydrates and fiber can help maintain your body’s physical peak without depriving yourself of nutrients.


  • Know your weakness:

A triathlon is composed of running, swimming and biking for a certain distance. You need to determine which aspect is your weakness so you will be able to focus on eliminating that weakness and turn it into one of your greatest strengths. If you feel that your cardio is not enough for swimming and biking, then a few laps at the swimming pool or a few miles in a bike can help you.

  • Never hesitate to ask questions:

Every triathlon athlete was a beginner once and it’s OK to seek the advice of seasoned athletes and coaches to help you train. Whether it’s a question about where to shop for cool clothes, or what diet plan is good for your body, you should never be ashamed of asking those questions because the answers just might be able to help you survive your first triathlon.

  • Enjoy your first triathlon:

Despite the intensity and insanity of the event, don’t forget to enjoy the entire triathlon. Win or lose, you need to pat yourself on the back for a job well done in training yourself and pushing yourself. Remember, you are still new so don’t expect too much or you’ll only end up frustrated. After all, not everybody can do a tri gear and run, swim and bike for miles.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to train for the triathlon so make sure you commit yourself.

Guest author: Christine Bourne is a writer, consultant and author of many posts. Now she works as a content manager in essay writer help service. She focuses not only on consulting tips about writing to help but also on creating interesting content for other topics.


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