Fitness is not only the state of the body but also of the mind, but somehow, they have an ethereal connection. Being fit gives you a sense of confidence and enlightenment in life which helps you face any situation better. Alternatively, being unfit hampers your general lifestyle and a sense of laziness slowly creep in which further propagates into more unfitness. Excessive weight is one primary indicator of being unfit and should be a motivator for you to regain your fitness back in case you suffer from it.

Now, you may have embarked on your journey to fitness, but this is generally not an easy one, especially when it fails to show the results you comprehended or takes more time than you thought you would. Though patience is one of the keys to achieve fitness, there may be many other reasons or obstacles, which somehow stands as a thorn in your road. Identifying the obstacles is the first step to rid yourself of it. Thus, this article lists down some of the reasons that may be hindering your progress.

You do not like exercise.

This is one fundamental problem that many suffer from. A general dislike towards exercising and engaging in physical activities and rather spending time leisurely. It should be very clear that there is no substitute to achieve fitness other than exercising. Once you start and incorporate it into your daily routine, you will slowly start liking it as well.


You rely on workouts to do it all.

Though exercise and workouts play a significant role in achieving fitness, it is not the only criteria. Another equally important factor is your diet. If you are dependent only on your workouts and you don’t follow a healthy diet plan, all your hard work will go to waste. You need to have a nutritious meal complementing your exercise to achieve your desired results, food items with a lot of calories is only going to hamper your progress.

You do not have time to exercise.

Your daily schedule might be so jam-packed that you don’t have any time left during the day for exercises of any kind. Achieving fitness and being healthy is a holistic approach to take care of oneself. Thus, it should not occupy the bottom position of your priority list in your everyday life. Find the time, at least an hour every day, to exercise regularly.

You think eating healthy is expensive.

Healthy food does come at a price, but it should not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. Unnecessary assumptions about it being expensive should be dispensed as there is a variety of food that can be cooked by you yourself and comes at a reasonable price. The alternative myth that junk food is cheap and can be easily consumed should also be busted. To assist you with weight loss by burning fat and aiding digestion, many inexpensive products are available in the market, like Detox Organics, which has a combination of more than 25 required organic foods and have shown results almost immediately, at a very nominal price.

You are not motivated.

Sometimes it needs an extra push to start exercising and moving on to your path of fitness. If you are not motivated to do the same, the results are going to take forever to come. Having a role model or any source of motivation helps.

You push yourself too hard, too often.

Sometimes you do not have a workout plan set in front of you, and instead, you work too hard in bursts to achieve the results. Our bodies need to be moulded a certain way, and anything more than that is going to do more harm than good.

You do not like the taste of healthy food.

This, in general, is also a myth. It is true that the taste of junk food is more appealing, but healthy food is also not far behind in this department. Therefore, assuming that healthy food is going to taste bad and not going for it is a very negative approach.

You cannot afford a gym membership right now.

Sometimes gym membership may be a little more expensive than you thought or you may be having a bad month economically, which will make your fitness come down a ladder, as far as spending is concerned. This could also be one reason that is preventing you from losing weight and becoming fit.

Now that you have diagnosed the obstacles, you should work towards finding the solution to all of them and soon losing weight and becoming fit will become a cherished reality.


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