TMBT is the BIGGEST ultra-trail marathon in Malaysia. It’s been dubbed the most beautiful trail because it brings you through some of the most impressive scenery Sabah has to offer. Happening on the 1 September 2018, take advantage of the long Merdeka weekend and join the ultra-trail runners gathering of a lifetime!

Where It All Began

TMBT is the oldest ultra-trail marathon in Malaysia. It is the pioneer of ultra-trail running in Malaysia and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and adventures to the running community in Malaysia. TMBT is so rich in history – it’s like Boston! Every marathoner’s dream is to run Boston – the oldest marathon in history. Every ultra-marathoners dream needs to be to run TMBT!

The Most Beautiful Trail

TMBT has been dubbed the most beautiful trail and there is simply no better way to witness the great Sabahan beauty. You run at the base of the iconic Kinabalu, with her magnificent beauty in sight along the course. You will trek on narrow jungle trails, wade across waist-deep rivers, and inch across wobbly hanging bridges. You run on open gravel roads, through rural villages, an epic pineapple orchard, and plantations. It’s an adventurous way to see Sabah!


The Most Brutal Thing

TMBT has always been described as a true test to your limits. It’s one of the most brutal races. It’s so brutal, that once you’re done with it you will feel invincible. People have told scary stories about the infamous Dallas hill – the final 5 km stretch potentially take runners more than 5 hours to complete! But, the tears of joy when you complete it – is really a feeling like no other. It is no wonder this is the gathering of the century of all ultra-runners. The sense of accomplishment keeps them coming back for more.

The Most Memorable Experience

TMBT is an experience of a lifetime. This will become a story you will be proud to tell your children and grandkids. It will be the story how you overcame all odds and emerge victorious against the TMBT challenge. You will be touched by little acts of kindness – Sabahan kids will come out to cheer you on and offer you pineapples and watermelon to quench your thirst. A complete random stranger will come help you out when you’re in dire distress and perhaps having terrible cramps. You may end up with the aunty group – but find that they are the most motivating people you will ever meet. These little acts will come to mean the world to you.

You Earn Major Bragging Rights

Are you strong enough? If you’re proven tough enough – you’ve certainly earned some major bragging rights. The race has a 55 percent DNF rate, so this means if you completed the race, you can wear your finisher tee proud because you’ve definitely been tested tough. People will look at you with new found admiration and respect.

Eat Your Heart Out Post-Race

Sabah is a culinary adventure in itself. Being a coastal town, the seafood is guaranteed fresh. Think fresh prawns, crispy salted egg squid, and an ice-cold beer as your post-race celebratory dinner. Take my money and sign me up for the race already!



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