Running is not bad for your knees! You know who you hear this from? You guessed it right – non-runners. In fact, running helps strengthen your knees and joints according to research. On the other hand, lazing around sitting in front of the tv with your favorite crisps? Now that is bad for your health, and your joints, and your arteries, and your lungs, and your heart, and your mental health.

Running Reduces Inflammation

Recent research shows that after a 30 minutes run, pro-inflammatory markers actually decrease. The researchers took blood samples and expected to see an increase in these markers, however, they were pleasantly surprised. The data shows some good finding that perhaps running is good for your joints. The data certainly indicates so.

However, note that this study is limited in the sense that blood samples were taken only immediately after exercise. The long-term effect of such activity is not known.


The Benefits Of Running Outweigh The Risks Of Not Running

Although research isn’t conclusive, the researchers all agree that the benefits of running definitely outweigh the risks of not running – especially if it is done in moderation. If you are concerned about knee problems due to running, do it in moderation. Don’t go for a 2 hours run, just do a 30 – 45 minutes run. You don’t have to run every day. You can incorporate it into your fitness regime maybe once or twice a week and cross train on the rest of your days. You could cycle, swim or go for some strengthening on other days.

Pay special attention to any swelling or pain. If you feel any pain, stop! That’s how you can control knee pain, yet reap the great benefits of running at the same time. Run happy!

Source: Time

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