Meghan Markle looked stunning in that beautiful Givenchy dress as she walked down the aisle. How did she do it? Between planning her wedding and managing the charities she works with, how did she manage to keep to a fitness regime that gives her that slender fir figure. Here’s how!

#1 Yoga

Meghan has declared Yoga as her thing. Meghan’s mum is a Yoga instructor, so it is no wonder Meghan has been practicing the yoga way of life since young. Yoga gas stuck with her and she has gained the immense benefits of practicing yoga – increased flexibility, mental focus, and strength.

#2 Running

Running isn’t just all sport for Meghan. It allows her the opportunity to clear her mind as well. It’s a great way to clear her head because it has the added benefit of keeping her in great shape. She used to run – all the time. So guys, it’s time to pick up running as a sport.


#3 Eat Clean

Meghan eats clean – she mostly eats fish and vegetables. If she knows a particular food is going to make her feel sluggish, lethargic and bloated, she will avoid that particular food. Of course, the struggle is also real – because Meghan is a foodie at heart.

#4 Don’t Cut Out Anything

Meghan says she loves french fries and pasta. These are food she would never be able to give up. She tries to eat clean on weekdays but allows herself to indulge during the weekends. It’s about finding that balance. If you totally cut something out, you may find yourself craving it way too much and over-indulging or even binging.

#5 Drink Green Juices

Meghan’s pick me up isn’t a cup of coffee but she turns to green juices. To her, coffee may end up hurting her in the end, making her dehydrated. That’s why she always goes for a natural source of energy like a great green juice. It helps perk her up, and has all goodness in it.

#6 She Cooks

Meghan loves to cook – so she tries to make most of her meals. When you are making your own meals, you are more conscious of what you put in your cooking. You would use less oil and less oil. And you can use fresh ingredients. You are in control, as opposed to eating out.

#7 She Self-Motivates

Meghan is just like everyone else. Sometimes, she does dread going out for a run or workout. She, like us, does experience that lazy feel as well. However, she always reminds herself how great she feels after a workout. That motivates her to lace up, and head out!

Photo Credits: Sky News

Source: Cosmopolitan

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