Running on the track is simple, but it does not come without its own set of rules. It is important to abide by these rules for running on the track because failure to do so could have some dangerous consequences. You could end up with a sprained ankle, your kid could end up being trampled upon and you’d probably get a whole lot of death stares!

#1 Run In The Right Direction

The correct direction is typically anti-clockwise. This rule is really important to prevent collision among runners. Just follow the flow of the majority of runners. If you would like to run in the opposite direction, please do so on the outer most lane and move out of the way if there are oncoming people.

#2 Run In The Right Lane

There is a pecking order on the track. The most inner lanes are reserved for the faster runners. If you’re a walker, please don’t walk in lane 1. Walkers and those doing their cooldown should be doing it in lane 7 or 8. It’s annoying that we have to weave our way through, even more annoying when walkers bunch up and hog lane 1 – 4, so we have to swerve out to lane 5 and cut back into lane 1. And it does not help when walkers do not budge despite the many “excuse me’s”!


#3 Don’t Stop On The Track

Don’t stop suddenly on the track. You could cause a massive collision. The person behind you may bump into you and fall. If you need to stop, move off the track before coming to a halt.

#4 Pass Correctly

If you intend to pass someone slower than you, please pass on the right. This is the general rule of passing on the track. Don’t squeeze in on the inner part of the track to try and pass someone. It can cause people to trip and fall.

#5 Please Watch Your Kids

It is imperative that you watch over your kids and ensure they follow the rules of the track. Do not let your kids run in the opposite direction on the first lane. It is dangerous and irresponsible for you to do so. If we trample on your kids for your failure to monitor them, do not blame us! Be warned – a track is not a playground!

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