One of Malaysia’s fastest citizen runner, Edan Syah, attempts 60km ultra marathon.

Visit Victoria supports Edan Syah, citizen runner representing Malaysia in the upcoming Great Ocean Road Running Festival (GORRF) 2018, as he looks to break his running record in his first 60km run. Each year, Edan works at breaking his own record time by taking part in numerous large and renowned marathons around the world. With his last 42km run at 2 hours and 30 minutes, can he beat the clock for his first ultra-marathon run in GORRF?

GORRF is held in a beautiful and unique area of Victoria, Australia on the Southern Ocean. The fourteenth edition will take place on May 19 and 20 with the event offering one of the most spectacular marathons in the world. 


The Great Ocean Road is an icon in Australia and is renowned throughout the world for its beauty and panoramic views of the Southern Ocean. It has a colourful history surrounding its construction and ultimate destinations along the coastline.

The course stretches along the coastal towns from Lorne to Apollo Bay and runners of all distances can soak up some of Australia’s most scenic beaches and breathtaking views during the annual two-day running festival. 

“It was since 2015 that I was in Melbourne to take part in the Medibank Melbourne Marathon, Australia. Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia so I cannot wait to return there and hopefully break a record time at my first ultra-marathon. I have done some research and I am at awe with the sights I am about to experience while I try to hit a milestone in my running career – I believe the stunning views will be a pleasant inspiration,” cited Edan when asked about his upcoming challenge. Aspiring and professional runners can follow him on his preparation towards this run through his My GORRF 60KM Running Diary on his social page.

“The GORRF has been one of the many sporting highlights of Victoria for a long time. Each year, it continues to attract many athletes from around the world, all eager to participate in this running experience unlike any other that is challenging yet set in a pristine environment ranging from the one and half kilometre Kids’ Gallop to the 60 kilometre Ultra Marathon”.

-Celia Ho, Regional Manager, Visit Victoria-

Registration also gives participants free access to a range of activities across the weekend. Lorne and Apollo Bay will host a kite festival, live music and yoga sessions featuring a mix of warm up, yin cool down and vinyasa yoga sessions suitable for all levels and abilities so everyone can enjoy the festivities.

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