Running friends are great! We get you on a whole different level – we push you, we motivate you, we encourage you, and we totally understand your addiction to running. We don’t think you’re crazy! We are there for you every mile of the way, through defeat and victory, through pain and personal best.

#1 Friends Go On Vacations. Running Buddies Go On Race-cations

Running friends don’t go on traditional relaxing holidays. We always plan a holiday around a race and chill after. We understand that the best way to see a place is on foot. We would run your race with you – whether it’s the Great Wall of China Marathon or the Rinjani Ultra. We can’t do a leisure walk along the ABC, we have to to the Annapurna Marathon. We won’t think you’re mad, we’re down to go on that holiday with you.

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#2 Friends Ask Why You Run A Marathon. Running Buddies Ask Why Not?

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Friends question whether you are sane when you say you want to run a marathon. Running Buddies are always asking why you aren’t upping your distance! We are always encouraging you to step up your game and conquer a new distance. We ask you why aren’t you attempting the marathon this year. We make you believe in yourself, that you can run the distance! We don’t question, we encourage!

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#3 Friends Eat With You. Running Buddies Eat Your Food.

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Friends will go out and eat with you and wonder why you’re eating so much! With us running buddies, you can eat your heart out, and we’d probably eat your food with you! You won’t have to feel guilty about ordering a double main for lunch and a brownie for dessert because we’d probably do the same, maybe even with an extra fries, large! We run together with you, and pig out/indulge together with you.

#4 Friends Follow You On Instagram. Running Buddies Follow You On Strava.

We’re not interested in Instagram! We’re interested in that new course record you got. I mean, who else are you going to share that excitement with? We understand your obsession. Hell, we’ll even create new segments and fight you for the records on those segments. We don’t think you’re crazy, we’re probably just like you!

#5 Friends Support You Mentally. Running Buddies Go All The Way.

When it comes to a run, we don’t simply wish you good luck and all the best. We are there with you every step of the way! You want a training buddy? – We’ve got your back. You will never go to a race alone. We’ll be cheering you down the finishing chute. We even got plenty of unphotogenic running photos of your exhausted expression. We’re with you, mentally, physically and camera-ly.

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