The 2018 edition of the Bukit Jalil Half Marathon took place Sunday morning and kudos to the organizers, all finishers, and volunteers. Everyone took to the streets of Bukit Jalil to challenge their limits and break personal bests.

Now it’s time to wear proudly your finisher t-shirt, show your shiny medal, record your thoughts and photos on your running app, JustRaceLah!

Watch this space as we will be bringing you updates as soon as they become available. You can keep track of all changes in real time and add your own comments via our mobile app, JustRaceLah!

Congratulations everybody!



Here are the top 3 results (Gun Time):-

Men Open Half Marathon Results:

  1. Mohd Syahidan Bin Alias 1:20:30
  2. Christopher Wright 1:22:01
  3. Looi Mun Fai 1:24:37

Men Veteran Half Marathon Results: 

  1. Alan Toh Jin Joo 1:26:44
  2. Tan Song Hua 1:27:37
  3. Chan Chee Kian 1:27:41

Women Open Half Marathon Results:

  1. Serem Valentine Jepkemoi 1:32:35
  2. Hitogami Haga 1:45:01
  3. Tan Li Hoon 1:49:43

Women Veteran Half Marathon Results:

  1. Yuan Yu Fang 1:40:46
  2. Yap Yee Ling 1:42:55
  3. Lim Shea Fee 1:51:23

Men Open 10 km Results: 

  1. Haithm Mukred Ghaleb Alselwi 35:34
  2. Phong Tong Yee 37:00
  3. Mohd Asdi Bin Weding 38:10

Men Veteran 10 km Results:

  1. Jaokim Larsen 40:11
  2. Richard Tang 41:33
  3. See Hock Leong 42:02

Women Open 10 km Results:

  1. Catherine Cheang Jenn Yi 48:50
  2. Eng Wei Peng 56:44
  3. Reen Rawaida Zuhdi 59:10

Women Veteran 10 km Results: 

  1. Sea Hui Thin 47:49
  2. Rita Bte Gani 48:04
  3. Sonia Rachel Fowler 52:09

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