It’s time to ditch your car and commute differently to work. Trade in your car for a bike or a pair of great running shoes and start your ride-commute and run-commute to work!

#1 The Traffic Drives You Insane

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The traffic can really drive a person crazy! I mean, honestly, spending 1.5 hours in rush hour just to get back home isn’t an ideal way to spend your time, is it? First of all, you’re stuck in such a confined space! You see people walking pass you and cycling pass you and doesn’t that drive you absolutely nuts? Sometimes, a 3 km journey potentially takes you 45 minutes which is ridiculous! You could walk there faster than driving! Think about it, spending 2 hours a day in traffic is 104 hours a year – which is equivalent to a little more than 4 days! Imagine the things you could do with this time!

#2 You’ll Be Fitter

If you traded in your car for a bike, instead of spending an hour of your time idle, you could get in an hours workout instead! What a better way to spend your time! Instead of munching snacks in the car, you’d be burning calories. Everday, day in, day out, and before you know it, you’ll be a lean mean machine!


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Exercise helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and builds a stronger heart. Because of all the exercise you’d be getting in when running, walking or biking, you’ll be in greater health state! This will help you lower your risk of dying from heart problems!

#3 Save The World

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Being stuck in traffic means wastage of petrol and a whole lot of carbon emissions. The emission of greenhouse gases does so much damage to mother nature. This leads to global warming and potentially hazardous consequences for all living beings on Earth. This is a little step towards saving our world. It may be a little step, but if everyone plays their part, we will eventually get to where we want to one day!

Driving less and opting to run more, bike more or walk more makes for better mental health, better physical health, and a better world! So, what’s not to love about this run-commute and bike-commute concept?

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