Have you always dreamed of working in the sports industry? Whether you’re looking to play on your favourite team, becoming a coach, a manager or any role in between, the industry is a lucrative one at best but highly competitive.

This means when applying for jobs, you’ll need to submit a stellar resume that shines above the rest of the candidates. However, there are a couple of things you’ll need to be aware of to help make your sports-related resume stand out from the crowd. Here’s how;

A New Resume for a New Job

Much like other industries, you need to make sure that you edit and tweak your resume for every single job role that you apply for. This could be edits to the language, the tone of voice, the format, the layout or any part of your resume.


Recruiters are experienced enough to know when you’re handing out a generic resume for every job role you apply for and will therefore instantly dismiss it if it doesn’t suit what they’re looking for.

Share Your Personality

When it comes to a sports industry resume, personality will be the key to your success. If you’ve simply listed out a load of qualifications and past experiences in a bland, bullet-pointed format, your resume won’t stand out from the crowd.

Instead, try to add a bit of ‘spice’ into your resume where the recruiter can see what kind of person you are. However, this doesn’t mean you should become unprofessional by using coloured paper or adding in wit and humour that could be taken the wrong way.

Using Online Tools & Resources

Not everybody is born to be a perfect writer, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to write a high-quality resume. Instead, here is a list of online tools you can use to help;

  • Resume Writing Service – An online resume builder that’s home to templates you can use for a properly formatted resume.
  • Academadvisor – An online writing agency that can help guide you through the resume writing process.
  • BestBritishEssays / Essay Services – These two websites are ideal for finding the perfect writing agency to help you with your resume.
  • My Writing Way – A free online blog with all the information you need to improve your grammar knowledge.
  • Assignment Service – An online writing agency that can create custom resumes on your behalf, as recommended by Best Australian Writers.
  • Writing Populist – An online blog with everything you need to know about writing in a professional format.
  • Oxessays – An online writing service to help you edit and proofread your resume, as featured by the HuffingtonPost.
  • Studydemic – An online blog with all the information you could ever need to know about professional and correct writing.

Start with Your Contact Information

This is easily one of the essential aspects of writing a resume. Be sure to include your contact information at the very top of the resume so the recruiter can easily sort through, find yours, and get in touch.

Don’t forget to proofread this contact information to make sure that it’s correct and if you run a professional blog or social media account that’s related to sport, don’t be afraid to include links as it can boost your chances of getting the job.

Be Focused and Direct

When it comes to sports-related jobs, it’s important to realise that many jobs can potentially have hundreds of applications and this will take a lot of time for the recruiter to go through and sort them all.

“Be sure to keep your resume to one single page where all the information is nicely laid out and easy to understand. This will help the recruiter to absorb all the information in your resume without getting bored or rushing through it,” shares Jennifer Ryland, a resume proofreader for Paper Fellows.

Be Accurate & Honest

Sometimes, it’s tempting to play up our accomplishments and achievements, so they seem better than they are. However, don’t assume that recruiters won’t check these facts because they will. Worse still, if they bring it up in your interview and you’re lost for words, you simply won’t be able to secure the job.

Be honest, accurate and fair in everything that you say.

* Guest post by Mary Walton. Mary is online editor. She proofreads content for websites like Revieweal, online educational services.


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