Some runners swear by insoles. Insoles make it possible for them to run. Without them, running would not be possible. Somehow, that knee pain just seems non-existent when running with insoles. On the other hand, some runners have no idea what insoles are. They are completely clueless as to the existence of insoles, let alone it’s functionality.

The science of the sole is one of great debate. It’s a billion dollar industry but begs the question – do I need insoles? This then leads us to another question – if I need insoles, what insoles are right for me given the array of choices out there!

So, What Are Insoles?

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An insole is a removable shoe insert mainly used to improve the comfort and fit of the shoe. Insoles are also advertised as being able to correct problems with the feet and pressure. It is said to help with many foot related problems such as arch problems and plantar problems.


Do I Need Insoles?

Insoles are designed to improve pressure distribution. Everybody runs differently. Sometimes, when we run, pressure is not evenly distributed. The way we run makes pressure accumulate at certain points and this accumulation can cause discomfort and even lead to injury. With an insole, this redistribution of pressure helps deal with this issue. It is in this manner that insoles can help a runner battling injury, to a runner who finds mild discomfort whilst running to an elite runner trying to gain a competitive edge.

However, if insoles give you discomfort, this means insoles are not for you. Remember, everyone runs differently, and everyone has their own preferences. There is no one best thing for everyone.

How Do I Choose An Insole?

Choosing an insole is like picking out the right shoe for you. People have different preferences. Some people prefer lightweight racing flats whereas some people prefer shoes with a little more cushioning. For example, I can vouch that the Mizuno Wave Emperor is the best shoe ever made to walk the earth, however, not everyone is going to agree with me. Especially those who like support and cushioning in their shoe.

Comfort is the main factor to consider when choosing an insole. Try on various insoles and see which gives you a more comfortable fit. Run in them before making your decision. Remember that if you’re going to be forking out your dough, make sure it’s worth the money!


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