January 1st inspires us all to dream big. We tell ourselves that this year is the year we will make it big. However, remember that the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, goals aren’t achieved overnight. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t get from A to Z in just a week. You’ve got 365 days to get them checked off your list. Here are 3 ambitious new year resolutions you should avoid!

#1 Eating Healthy, All Day Every Day

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You’re not going to get to a top model body in just a week. It takes time and lots of determination. Eating healthy should be a lifestyle change – this means that your diet plan should be sustainable. The one biggest mistake many of us commit is to make big drastic changes that we are unable to keep to. 2 weeks later, you start to realize, damn you really miss that chocolate chip cookie.


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And you go back to your old ways!

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Our body craves the safety of familiarity. Overwhelming you body with a whole lot of drastic changes will make it such a struggle that you inevitably go back to your old effortless ways. The better way to do this is to make small changes. Start with having a healthy lunch every day. Once your body has adapted to this, work on your dinner intake.

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#2 I’m Going To Be FIT!

Remember, being fit is the easy part! Behind the scenes is where the work is done. Things may look easy and effortless but people don’t see what’s done before to get to that point. It is day in and day out of hard work. You don’t get from fat to fit overnight.

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Don’t give up just because you don’t see your desired results in a week or two! It’s easy to become demotivated when you don’t see the results you want. You want it now but getting fit takes time. You just have to remind yourself that being fit is a long process. Don’t give up so easily.

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#3 Run The BIGGEST Race Of Your Life

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So, you want to run a new personal best? Or you want to try running an ultra marathon but you’ve not attempted the marathon distance before? – Set a target that is achievable. Do not set yourself up for failure. If you are not running a sub 2 half marathon, don’t set a sub 4 marathon as your new year resolution. Maybe try a sub-2 half first? Perhaps try running a marathon before jumping to the ultra distance? These are great achievements in itself. Don’t get a little too ahead of yourself and be too overambitious.

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