You’re ready and pumped up to start your new weight loss plan – whether it’s going on a new HIIT routine or starting a no carb diet. You can’t wait to make these lifestyle changes. However, it is important for your plan to be sustainable. However, have you ever found yourself starting again next Monday? Or is your new year resolution the very same as last year? These are the mistakes you may be making when you start a new weight loss plan.

Too Much Too Soon

The most important thing about starting a plan is to remember that it has to be sustainable. How sustainable is a juice-fast diet? You’re probably going to only last a week at most! Then you go back to your very same effortless habits.  We feel like we’ve failed, and decide to start again next Monday or month – so from now till next month we’d better eat as much as we can because next month is off limits again.

Or we totally cut off carbs from our diet to find ourselves crashing and binging on everything from waffles to crisp to 3 buckets of mash potato.

Does this sound all too familiar?

This is because our body craves the safety of familiarity. Change is difficult – especially when you are overwhelming your body with a whole bunch of extreme changes. It can start to feel like a struggle and ultimately you give in to your old effortless habits – because it’s easier.


What You Should Do Instead?

Instead, you should make small changes that are sustainable. For example, switch to a smaller portion of brown rice instead of white rice. Or have fruits for breakfast instead of that packet of nasi lemak. Make one small change every week. If you want to cut out carbs, try to cut out cabs for lunch, but still have some for dinner. Take baby steps! This way you are less likely to go back to your old habits. Your body has time to familiarise itself with these new small changes. These small changes with time, will become your new effortless habits. This is more realistic.

Don’t Be Too Harsh On Yourself

Sometimes, we really want that ice-cream. Don’t punish yourself just because you had a serving of ice-cream. Just remember – everything in moderation. Don’t go overboard and have the whole tub but a serving once in awhile is okay. Don’t think you have failed and decide to start again next week – in the meantime you eat the entire tub, since you’ve already failed anyways. Don’t be too harsh on yourself!

Remember, it’s about making it a lifestyle change – not a short term goal! Good Luck!



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