Aries is a symbol of energy and enthusiasm. The Aries-born is like a ball of energy that craves attention and competition. They dislike inactivity. Hence, go for a fitness regime that uses massive amounts of energy that gives you the spotlight you desire. It is in the Aries sign’s nature to take action!

#1 Dance

All dance classes are high energy and this will feed your soul. Let loose, lighten up and tighten up and sway to the groove. Let the inner diva in you shine. You will have a whole ball of fun grooving to the beat. And dancing is a great way to get fit. You learn to control your body in a controlled manner. Depending on what you prefer, you can go for a contemporary dance class, a jazz class, hip hop or if you prefer something more exotic, try a pole dancing class.

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#2 Flycycle

Photo Credits: Seattle Times

Flycycle offers a motivating, action-packed and dynamic full body workout combined with incredibly high energy music with cutting edge light and sound systems. This puts you in a high energy environment – just what the Aries-born craves. Ride to the beat – pushing your heart rate up and pushing your boundaries!

#3 Personal Training

Photo Credits: UREC

The Aries craves attention, and what better than personal training where you get all the attention you require. A personal trainer has the knowledge to get you closer to your fitness goals. They are there to motivate you and make you accountable towards your fitness goals. Their invaluable guidance will get you there – whether it’s via a high-intensity programme or strength programme.

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