The Capricorn sign is really disciplined, dependable and hardworking. It is a sign that represents responsibility and they are great managers. Capricorns are perhaps a little of an overachiever some might say. Hence Capricorns need a good challenge. Give yourself a good challenge with these workouts.

#1 Crossfit

Photo Credits: Crossfit Platinum 

Crossfit is intense! Some people even call it a cult. Crossfit, in a nutshell, is being Jack of all trades and Master of none! What is special about Crossfit is that its’ specialty lies in not specializing. To be good at Crossfit, you have to be good at everything, and lies the great challenge.

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#2 Obstacle Course Racing

Photo Credits: Spartan

Test your strength and endurance, both mental and physical! Sign up for the Spartan race or tough mudder or Viper Challenge! It’s tough but so much fun and really brings out the strength in you, perfect for a Capricorn always in need of a challenge.

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#3 Bootcamp

Photo Credits: Rec Sports

As someone who loves a good challenge, bootcamp style workouts would suit you really well. Hit the ground for 50 burpees and then finish it up with 100 squats. These army style workouts will keep you wanting more. These are high intensity workouts that really challenge you fitness wise and mentally.


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