Running and walking both are some of the most popular outdoor physical activities which help to keep you in shape and fit without any extra efforts and expenses. Outdoor activities can be just as effective as working out in a gym. If you don’t believe then just try it out. It comes along with lots of health benefits. Some of them are discussed below in this article.

– It gives you Better Knees

Knees give you a full support system as one of the latest research mentioned that Running really helps in preventing the knee from osteoarthritis which is one of the most common disease these days. Many athletes and sportsmen work mostly on their knees in order to increase the thickness of cartilage present in the knees.

How one can take better care of his or her knees? The answer is running belt which helps in giving comfort while running. It is very important for the runner to be most comfortable while running so they don’t feel tired or uncomfortable at all. The best part is that it carries all of your essentials along with it in a single belt which keeps you away from any hassle.

One good thing about this belt is that it runs for a longer period of time so don’t need to buy latest fitness gadgets every other day.


– It helps in having a stress-free mind

Continuous and daily running gives a mood-boosting effect on our minds. It is actually due to the production of the high amount of endorphin in the brain due to this practice. When the amount of endorphin is high in brain, it helps to reduce the level of depression and anxiety to a maximum level by accelerating the neurons which help to fight the feeling of stress.

Stress in both its forms, acute and long-term, have some pretty bad effects on your body. Acute stress comes on fast and typically doesn’t last very long. It can be triggered by anything, from an auto accident to bumping into an old flame you weren’t prepared to see. Most of your body systems are negatively affected by acute stress. Over time, your heart will have to work overtime, and your immune system will weaken and send your fat straight to your waistline. Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and aging all take a hit when you live with chronic stress for the rest of your life.

Running actually results in the expansion of our arteries which really helps in generating the positive vibes all over and feeling lighter. It also slows down the whole process of aging and regular athletes and runners usually don’t face bone and muscle loss. The imbalanced lifestyle can lead to osteoporosis. The active runner will always remain strong and flexible.

– It also helps in having a sharp and clear mind

The best thing about Running is that it helps to have a sharp recalling memory. You would feel changes in your memory. Your brain power would grow amazingly. Running stimulates the creation of new nerve cells and blood vessels within the brain. Similarly, it also increases the volume of midbrain which is responsible for your hearing and vision.
It really helps the brain to generate new cells by increasing the brain capacity and thought process as new cells are generated. It gives a very positive effect on the mind. Regularity in running improves management skills and consistency to do a work with a constant flow. Running can be termed as one of the most influential anti-depressing activity so, never take it for granted and try to do as much as running you can.

– It helps to have a longer life

No, not only 10 or 15 minutes – you can live more 3 to 5 years longer if you start running today. You can beat the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol and other such chronic illness. The researchers calculated that, hour for hour, running statistically returns more time to people’s lives than it consumes. Similarly, it makes them more positive and more concerned towards their lives.

– It helps to regain your Confidence level

Running will get you feel fabulous about yourself because a person who is physically fit will be confident enough to hit the world with a high head. It really helps in increasing your self-esteem. Similarly, you would become happy with yourself and would feel comfortable enough to move in social circles.

Guest post – Author Bio
Wesley is a professional engineer and runner. He graduated from the University of Florida with the degree, Master of Engineering. He currently practices engineering all over the United States where he has also been able to participate in a myriad of running events like trail runs, triathlons, and half-marathons (no full marathon…yet!). His real passion is just being outdoors and he regularly blogs about it at


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