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Sleep is a very important aspect, especially for us runners. Sleep is when our body recovers and rejuvenate. It is recommended that we get at least 7 – 8 hours of shut eye. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Here are a couple of hacks for these common sleeping problems.

#1 Can’t Fall Asleep

If you can’t asleep , you should be aware of your caffeine intake. Make sure you stop any caffeine intake by 4pm to ensure you are able to fall asleep at night. Also, put away your laptops and phones an hour before bed time. It is recommended to not stare at a screen before bed. Exercise in the morning before work or class is also recommended.

#2 Stiff Shoulders

Do you have a shoulder pain that affects your sleep? Does the discomfort you keep you up at night? You can use shoulder patches such as counter pain to help ease the pain. Also, try not to sleep on your sides – sleep on your back instead. Hugging a pillow may also help.

#3 Trouble Waking Up

Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Your alarm is ringing, you’ve got to go to work, but you just want to stay in bed for another couple of hours. You hit the snooze button again and again. Try to get your body into a routine. Wake up at the same time every day and this includes weekend. This way your body clock is used to waking up at a specific time.


#4 Back Pain

Do you have a nagging back pain that keeps you awake at night? This simple hack may be of assistance. Add a pillow under your thighs when sleeping on your back, If you’re sleeping on your stomach, add the pillow under your legs.

#5 Neck Pain

If you suffer from neck pain, replace your pillows! Pillows have a life span as well. They should be replaces every 2 years. Use firm latex pillows instead of soft feather ones. They help give your neck more support.

#6 Acid Reflux

If you are having acid reflux problems such that it is affecting your sleep, you should speak to your doctor. The doctor may prescribe medication to help you overcome this. Also try sleeping on your left side to alleviate this. Keep your pillow elevated.

#7 Snoring

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Don’t sleep on your back but on your sides or stomach instead. This will help with the snoring. Prop your pillow up a couple of inches as well to support your head. Cut out the alcohol. You can also clear out your sinuses with a saline solution to prevent snoring! c


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