I go for that body combat class and grit class back to back everyday, every week, why aren’t my abs showing? – sounds familiar? It is often said abs are made in the kitchen – only 20 percent exercise! Here are 5 eating habits that will help you get there! Try to abide by these habits one at a time – make a lifestyle change. Target one habit at a time because we only have so much willpower. Trying to break several bad habits at a time can become too overwhelming and we may be setting ourselves up for failure.

#1 Skipping Meals

Don’t skip a meal! Skipping a meal can mess with your body’s ability to control your appetite. It would mean it is more likely for you to reach out for that pizza or bag of crisp! Regulating yourself is a brain activity which requires glucose. Sometimes, restriction leads to overeating. You know your body requires about 1800 – 2200 calories a day. Break these up into small meals throughout the day. Do not exceed the amount of calories necessary!

#2 Eating Too Fast

According to a research done, it is said our body releases hormones that make us fuller if we take the time to savour our meal. Whereas if you chow down your food too fast, your body doesn’t have the time to process this and let you know you are already full. You thus move on to the next course. So, slow down, and savour your food!


#3 Pigging Out On Weekends

So, you’ve been good on the weekdays and you think you deserve weekend cheat days? Well, restricting yourselves so much on the weekdays may lead to binging on the weekends. Some people eat as much cake as possible to make up for the weekday restrictions. You end up getting thrown off the bandwagon and you tell yourself it’s okay I can eat as much as I want and I’ll start on Monday! Doesn’t this sound familiar? You go way overboard! Remember, everything should be in moderation. It’s okay to have one slice of cake, but not the whole cake!

#4 Drinking

Yes, that beer belly! Drinking can cause an excess consumption of calories. Take two cans a beer a day and that gives you an additional 2000 calories a week. That’s one day worth of calories! Burning off 2000 calories isn’t easy either – unless you’re running a marathon a week! Try to cut down on drinking slowly!

#5 Snacking On Crisp

Salt is the main culprit of our snacking habits. Sodium causes us to eat unconsciously. Go on a reduced sodium diet and cravings can go away! It’s really that easy! Try snacking on healthy things instead – fruits instead of chips for instance, or snacking on nuts instead!


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