We run, and naturally, running makes us thirsty. You did a long run, you think you deserve that ice cold Coca-Cola. Thing is, not all drinks are great recovery fuels. Some are terrible!

#1 Ice-Blended Flavoured Drinks

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Yes, that Starbucks Matcha Frappe or Iced Hazelnut Latte should not be your go-to-drink. These are often laden with artificial flavours, many emulsifiers, preservatives and lots of sugar. You should avoid these drinks at all costs! In fact many of these artificial flavours are made in laboratories and include additives that have been linked to cancer.

#2 Diet Soda

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You’ve heard it – Diet Coke and Pepsi Zero may not be the better choice after all. These diet sodas use artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are far sweeter as compared to sugar. Once we become accustomed to these sweet drinks, healthy natural sweet tasting food such as fruits become tasteless and less appealing. You will find yourself picking high sugar food more often as your are accustomed to sweeter food.

#3 Concentrated Fruit Juice

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We may think fruit juice is healthy but if it says made from concentrate, avoid these at all costs. Taking in fruit juice increases the amount of sugar we take in everyday. Remember concentrated fruit juice are often use as sweeteners because of the high concentration of sugars. We take in the sugars, but we do not take in the fibre we require. We don’t feel full with fruit juices, making it more likely for us to reach out for a snack later in the day. If you must take fruit juice, cold press is better.

#4 Flavoured Water

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Just because it has water in it’s name, doesn’t make it healthy. Flavoured waters are loaded with artificial sweetener, sugars, and synthetic flavouring – which are all bad for us. It adds a lot of sugar to our diet. If you are really craving flavoured water, add some fruit into your water – lemon, strawberry or even a kiwi.

#5 Sweetened Flavoured Milk

Stay away from banana milk, caramel coffee milk or even strawberry milk. These milk are loaded with artificial flavouring and artificial sweeteners. The best is to go unsweetened. If you are up for it, start making your own nut milk. Or blend a banana with fresh milk to get your very own natural flavoured milk!


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