With a big race, with putting all our hard work, determination and effort into a big race, we want to minimise the chances of things going wrong. Already so many things can go wrong! Here are 5 foods to avoid before your next big race. Don’t let a toilet break stand in the way of you and your personal best.

#1 Caffeine

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Many of us are coffee addicts. We need to have our daily dose – what more when we need to be up at 230 in the morning and out on the streets running a marathon for a couple of hours. This is because caffeine can expedite the transit time of food in the GI tract, causing us gastrointestinal problems. Don’t put your run in danger of a bowel problem. Research has in fact shown that munching on an apple is just as effective a morning-pick-me-up as coffee. So pick up an apple for that energised run instead of coffee!

#2 Cereals With Fruits

Remember to always go low fibre before your run. Don’t take breakfast with berries, grapes and what-not. It’s healthy we know, but the fibre could make you need a mid-run toilet break which won’t be comfortable. Instead go for a high-carb energy boosting breakfast instead. Go for toast with peanut butter and a banana for instance. It will give you the kick of energy you need, minus the toilet break.


#3 Gum & Sorbitol

Have you ever had one too many gum and had a tummy problem? This is because there is a possible laxative effect with things containing sorbitol. Sorbitol is used in many products to replace sugar to reduce the calories. Thing with sorbitol is that it isn’t fully absorbed by our body. It remains in our digestive tract. When blood is directed away from our digestive system to oarless, this could cause us to have diarrhoea. If you’re craving something sweet, go for an electrolyte drink instead.

#4 Spicy Food

We all know how our digestive system can react to spicy food. It can be nasty. Spicy food tends to irritate the lining of out stomach, causing tummy upsets and the urge to expel all the nasties. You love your spicy food and chilli but try to tone it down and save it for your post-race meal.

#5 Dairy Products

Some of us are lactose intolerant, but even for those of us who aren’t, dairy products can cause us stomach upsets. Basically the combination of fat and lactose could possibly spell a recipe for disaster. If you are craving a creamy beverage, reach out for a dairy replacement for instance nut milk – almond milk or hazelnut milk. Save your creamy chocolate milk for your post run.

#6 Beans, Lentils, Legumes

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These are now trending as health foods. They are gaining much popularity. However, although they may not look like the traditional vegetables and maybe you won’t associate them with high fibre but, they are really high in fibre. Too much and they have the tendency to cause bloating.



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