Been there, done that! We all probably have been through, yet we find ourselves in the same position time after time. You start to wonder what you’ve been doing wrong, or are you even doing anything right at all? Somehow or rather, we can’t see the changes we were hoping for. Here are 4 reasons why you aren’t losing body fat!

#1 You Are Eating More Than You Think

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Are you tracking your food intake? If you aren’t how do you know your calorie intake is less than your calorie output? Your calorie intake must be ideal. Eating too much means you probably would be gaining fat. Your body does not have the opportunity to burn them. Eating too little however makes your body switch to survival mode. Your body clings on to unwanted fat for life. Both this situations aren’t ideal for fat loss.

#2 You Aren’t Active Enough

Most of us have a very sedentary lifestyle. We may dedicate an hour, 3-4 times a week to physical activity, but that’s about it. We need to keep ourself moving. If you only have an hour, maybe do a High Intensity Interval Workout which helps torch the calories much more as compared to a slow steady cardio workout. Build strength and muscle to help increase your body metabolism!

#3 You Don’t Sleep Well

Sleep is very important. When you sleep, your body produces hormones that help you recover and rejuvenate. It is also when you sleep that your body burns fat. Lack of sleep affects your hormones in your body. This can mean those late night cravings for cake, ice-cream and crisp. Your ability to make healthy food choices will be compromised.


#4 You Aren’t Consistent

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Many people take the all or nothing approach. They go all out. They cut out everything, going on a very strict diet, but to fall off the band wagon a couple of weeks later. They decide to start again on Monday. So they have a couple of days to binge again. This does not work and this is not sustainable. Instead, remember that consistency is key and everything in moderation. It’s okay t have that slice of pizza, but have 1 instead of 5. It’s okay to have that ice-cream once a week, instead of every 2 days!


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