Only listen to advised that have been trial, tested, and proven. Sometimes we aren’t very confident in our own abilities, we are ready to listen to just about anyone. But not everyone gives sound advice. Here are a couple of worst triathlon advice we’ve come across!

#1 Change This Or That – It Will Make You Faster

We’d do anything to become faster. But compromising what you’re used to, your bike position, your fuelling strategy, using new race gear will come back to haunt you during your race. You are going into the unknown territory. You don’t know how it will cost you, it may even cost you your entire race.

#2 You Don’t Need Swim Training

Photo Credits: Annie Emmerson

Swimming is the shortest portion of the triathlon. Don’t waste time on swim training. This is probably one of the most terrible advice. Yes, although it is the shortest portion, a lot of people underestimate how significant it is. Not over stressing your muscles during the first leg allows you to save your muscles for the bike and run leg and cycle a better bike leg, and run a better run leg.


#3 Buy A Scuba Suit Instead Of A Wetsuit – It’s Cheaper

Cheaper does not necessarily mean better. A wetsuit plays the function of thermal insulation. A scuba suit doesn’t. A wetsuit also has lower density providing buoyancy in the water. Don’t let saving a few bucks cost you your race.

#4 Run Without Socks

Save time during transition by just slipping on your shoes and run without socks. Running without socks have the great potential of giving you blisters. Just utilise 20 seconds to put on your socks and you will have a much greater pain-free run. If you have blisters, you may end up wasting more than 20 seconds of your time.

#5 Don’t Carry Flat Supplies

Some people would advise to avoid carrying flat supplies as it adds more weight. The amount of weight is nothing compared to when you get a flat and being unable to fix it. Your whole race would be wasted. You would end up DNF-ing your race! It is not worth it!

There you go, the worst triathlon advice we’ve heard. Do not heed to these advice!


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