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Injury is the bane of all runners. But, just because we are injured this does not mean we should completely stop training, throw in the towel and keep our shoes in the store. We runners are stubborn. We will look for ways to keep and maintain our fitness. Here are 3 tools that should be your best friend if you are injured.

#1 The Elliptical

Photo Credits: Dick’s Sporting Goods 

The elliptical machine does in some ways mimic the running movement. However this machine does not place excessive pressure on your joints and knees, hence decreasing the risk of impact injuries. The elliptical machine offers you a low-impact method of keeping your cardiovascular fitness. It can be a tough workout by increasing the resistance of the trainer.


#2 The Bike

Photo Credits: AW Exercise Bike

The fitness bike is a great way to cross train and also a great way to maintain cardiovascular fitness should you be injured. It is low impact yet able to give you a quality workout. You can even join indoor cycling classes that is getting increasingly popular these days. Match your running cadence with your cycling cadence. You can also mimic the types of running workout by adjusting the resistance. You can work the same muscles as you would doing a hill workout, or a tempo by varying the resistance.

#3 Deep Water Running Belt

Photo Credits: Moment Magazine

The term aqua-running has become increasingly popular. Aqua running has long been recognise as a rehabilitation exercise for injured athletes. It gives you a great workout, with no impact. A deep-water running belt helps you stay afloat whilst you work your legs without using energy to keep yourself upright and afloat. You can move your legs against the water resistance, giving your leg muscles a great strength workout.

Check out there 3 tools should you be injured. Make them your best friend to maintain your fitness level.


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