As runners, I think it’s pretty much a testament when we say, we can get carried away. We try everything possible in order to hit that personal best, because it feels good. But, not everything we’ve tried have been tested and approved. Here are 8 mistakes runners can’t stop making.

#1 We Skip The Warmup

The warmup is very important. It prepares our muscles for the hard workout ahead. Although it is very tempting to save time and skip the warmup, but in actual fact, you are putting yourself at risk of injury. You may easily pull something if you aren’t warmed up and you’ll be out for months. It’s going to be a whole lot of time wasted instead of saving time!

#2 Running Hard On Easy Days

Let’s face it, most of us are guilty of this! We feel good and we try to go on harder. Remember the golden rule, never have 2 hard sessions in a row! Recovery days are with the purpose of recovery! If you are going on too hard, you are taxing your legs even more, not allowing it the recovery it deserves.


#3 Cramming For A Race

Give yourself a good training block. You can’t run a marathon with a mere 3 weeks training – that isn’t enough! You risk an injury cramming for a race! Sign up for a race way beforehand, come up with a good training plan and stick to it. For instance, if you know marathon training requires a good 12 weeks, then register for a marathon 12 weeks later, not next week!

#4 Running Through An Injury

We’ve all heard it before – pain is temporary, pride is forever! But, really running through an injury is taking the saying too far! You do not want to aggravate your injury. It’s better to stop short, cut your losses, nurse yourself back to good health and come back stronger! Imagine if you come down with a more serious injury than just a sprain because you couldn’t’ stop yourself!

#5 Ignoring Your Core

We know you run with your legs but did you know that your core is also very important. Your core muscles help keep you upright and keep your form. With weak core muscles, your form slacks and starts to falter. You don’t run as naturally. When this happens, you may accidentally injure yourself because of your faltering form.

#6 You Don’t Eat

It’s always important to have a post run snack. It helps with your recovery! Putting your muscles through a hard workout, you’ve got to help them recover as well. Chocolate milk or an apple or even a banana would make a perfect post-run snack. It is best to have it 20 minutes after the end of your workout because it is during this window that absorption is at its greatest.

#7 Skipping A Rest Day

It’s all too easy to be all too enthusiastic! We don’t want a rest day – we love running too much! But skipping a rest day may mean putting your body under too much stress. Our body needs time to recover to become stronger. When we break our muscles down, it is when they repair themselves that we become stronger! Remember that recovery is part of training!

#8 Not Sleeping Enough

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You know, sleeping is a very significant component in running! Again, remember, you are putting your body under an immense amount of stress. You need to allow your body sufficient sleep! So if you’re training plan requires you to wake up at 5am, be sure you are in bed by 11pm. Don’t sleep at 3am and get up to train at 5am.


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