So you want to be the next Kilian Jornet? You want to give trail running a go. I mean who wouldn’t. With the beautiful scenery trail running has to offer – you really do see parts of the world you would never get to see but for trail running. Run atop the Swiss Alps, visit the untrodden gems of New Zealand, run along the amazing dolomites in Italy – need we say more?

Trails are in some ways different. There are some unwritten but generally accepted rules of trail running. They aren’t hard and fast rules. It’s more like an unwritten code. Here are the 8 commandments of trail running!

#1 Thou shalt remain on designated trails

Do not stray! Unless you need to do your business, try to stay on the designated trails. Doing so puts the natural habitat at risk. You brush against the plants, the plants whack back, this affects Mother Nature.

#2 Thou shalt pack out what thou hast packed in

If you can bring it in, you can bring it back out! Don’t be that guy who leaves their trash behind. Trash can adversely affect and harm wildlife.


#3 Thou shalt not feed wildlife

Do not feel the wildlife! Just because it is food fit for you, does not mean it is food fit for the wild. Your food could make them really sick, OR even cause a behavioural change!

#4 Thou shalt not take nature with you

I know that bouquet of daisies may seem beautiful and you may be really tempted to bring them home with you, but don’t! Leave it for other trail runners to enjoy! They deserve to enjoy the view just as much as you do!

#5 Thou shalt greet people on the trail

Greet people you meet on the trail. This is so that people know you are oncoming. And of course it’s basic manners.

#6 Thou shalt know the right of way

Trail runners going downhill should be given right of way. Pfft I know, you’re thinking the uphill hikers are working harder so they should be given right of way. But, downhill runners are going at a much faster speed than uphill runners. It is easier for an uphill runner to get out of the way as compared to a downhill runner.

#7 Thou shalt be alert at all times

Do not be that person listening to their iPod and not being able to hear the million excuse me’s! It’s dangerous for an oncoming trail runner and yourself!

#8 Honor thy trail signs

Trail signs are there for a reason. it is to preserve the natural habitat or keep the peace amongst trail runners! Don’t waste the effort of the people who put up these signs!


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