Keeping a race diary could be the extra you need to give your running the extra push. A race diary is a personal record of events – past and upcoming. This can serve as a coach as to how you can make the most out of your training. Performance trends that can’t be seen on one single occasion becomes clear over the course of time in a diary. Here are 5 biggest benefits of keeping a race diary!

#1 Updates Of Upcoming Races

Have you missed a race you’ve really wanted to do because you are so swamped with work you didn’t even know the existence of the event? An inclusive race diary has all updates of upcoming races. Looking for an event to join on the 8th weekend, just scroll though the race calendar and pick from there. Never miss registering for a race – no more!

#2 Record Of Previous Races

It is good to have a record of the timings you have posted in previous races. You are able to set realistic goals from your records. You don’t want to be setting far-fetched goals. For instance, if your previous half marathon personal best 2 months ago was a sub2 half marathon, setting a sub130 half marathon for your upcoming half may be a too far a stretch. With a realistic goal in mind, you are able to set your target pace well and pace yourself much better in a race.


#3 Measure Progress

Having a race diary is a great way to measure progress. You are able to tell just how much you have improved as compared to your very first marathon for instance. Being able to see your improvements in front of you really serves as a great motivator for you to keep on going. Documenting and seeing your progress gives you that excitement to go out and do more, achieve more!

#4 Reflect On Races

When you have to pen down your race strategy, your pace throughout your run, you are able to reflect back on your race and perhaps find out how you could have ran better or maybe pace better? You pen down how you feel. Did you have a side stitch? Did you get a cramp? did you forget to hydrate? You pen down, you reflect, you learn and you become better.

#5 Reminisce Through Photos/Reviews

Races make good stories to tell – your kids, your grandchildren or even looking back at races with friends. There are moments to laugh at and moments that remind you just how strong you were to pull through. Having a race diary allows you to relive those moments. You pen down how you feel today, to be read by you 20 years later. It would be a sweet walk down memory lane.

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