We all want to be better runners. Here are 5 simple key rules to follow to be a better runner!

#1 Add Variety To Your Runs

If you want to be a better runner, you can’t just go out and run for as long as you can or as fast as you can. Well, you may be able to improve to a certain extent, but if you want to bring your running performance to the next level you need to add variety to your workout. There are different types of runs – the tempo runs, the speed workout, the recovery run, the long run and hill repeats. Click here for a detailed description on the different runs.

#2 Schedule REST days

It cannot be stressed enough how recovery is part of training. You must schedule rest days. It is only when you rest and allow your muscles to recover that your muscles become stronger. If you do not schedule rest days, you risk overtraining. Overtraining can lead to you feeling sluggish and consequently a plateau or even decline in progress.


#3 Do not eat a huge meal after a workout

I know – it is tempting because you deserve that burger and pizza and fries and maybe a coke as well. But it is important to refuel ourselves well with good building blocks to allow our muscles to recover. A meal with a good amount of protein to help the repairing of our muscles would make a good post-workout meal.

#4 Don’t forget the warmup

Remember to always warmup before heading out for a run. It’s easy to skip it when we are pressing for time. But that 5 minutes could put you out of action for a couple of months maybe. Remember warmup stretches are normally dynamic stretches that brings you through a range of motion that preps you for your run ahead.

#5 Strength Train

Photo Credit: Muscle and Fitness

More often than not, our form starts to falter as you run longer. With strength training, we are more able to keep our running posture and from. The key here is to prevent your running form from faltering especially in the later stages of a race when our body starts to tire. This will ensure our body spends less energy when we run, and hence can hold a particular speed for a longer time – giving us faster timings. So, do your squats and planks!


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