We runners love to run, but when it comes to stretching, it’s not really something we love. But we have to bear in mind, stretching can help prevent injury that could keep us away from our beloved sport for months. Warmup stretches differ from cool down stretches. Warm up stretches are more towards dynamic stretches which is a form of active moment that takes your body through ranges of motion. This will better prep you for your heard sporting activity ahead.

#1 Leg Swings

Stand one leg firmly on the ground and kick your other leg 90 degrees up. Keep your leg straight. Swing your leg back and forth and repeat on both legs. This is a great move to open up your hips and hamstrings.

#2 Side Leg Swings


Similar to leg swings, stand firmly on one leg and kick your leg 90 degrees up – but kick up towards your sides this time. Remember to repeat on both legs. This helps open up your hip area.

#3 High Knees

These help warm up your leg muscles and open up your hip flexors at the same time. Bring your knees up to your chest and then repeat on the other side. This helps gets your heart pumping as well and hence really allows your your body to warmup.

#4 Butt Kickers

Bring your right ankle to your butt with your left leg on the ground. Repeat on your other leg. This is a simple cardiovascular move that provides you a good warmup for your entire body especially your hamstrings.

#5 Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges really helps you warm up your quads. Repeat lunges 10 times on each leg. Your legs muscles will be seriously warmed up by now and you would be ready to go.

And there you go, 5 simple dynamic stretches for you before you head out for your run. You never know, these stretches could be what keeps you away from a nagging 3 months injury. Start stretching now! Don’t start when it is too late!


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