We runners are always looking for ways to get faster, to go the extra mile. Here are 5 tips for any runner to become faster.

#1 Speed Work

We all know, to be faster, you’ve got to run faster. Track training is a really important aspect of training. You can’t expect to be able to run a 5 minute pace if you’ve never ran at that pace. Incorporate speed work into your training! Do 400m x 20 sets; or 800m x 8 sets; or 6 mile repeats. Speed work increases the maximal stroke volume of your heart, making your heart more efficient, and enabling you to run faster – longer.

#2 Striding

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On your easy run days, end your easy run with a couple of sets of strides. Striding reminds your body to run fastest at the end of the workout. They should feel relaxed, not an all out effort. Striding means just lengthening your stride for about 20 seconds. The goal is to get your body to move in a quick, fluid motion that mimics fast runnings so your body adapts to it. The key is to enjoy that fast movement flying down the streets or track.


#3 Hill Strides

Hill strides help your running form. You are upright, running on the forefoot of your feet With this, you are simply trying to improve your running efficiency. With better running efficiency, we use less energy to run faster. Running more economically means you can run more efficiently with the energy you have, and thus also run faster, for longer with less energy spent.

#4 Strength Training

Strength training is an often neglected part of training. More often than not, our form starts to falter as you run longer. With strength training, we are more able to keep our running posture and from. The key here is to prevent your running form from faltering especially in the later stages of a race when our body starts to tire. This will ensure our body spends less energy when we run, and hence can hold a particular speed for a longer time – giving us faster timings.

For instance, do planks and situps to get a strong core which holds your body upright when you run. Squat to give yourself strong quads, glute bridges to strengthen your gluteus muscles and clams to give yourself strong hips.

#5 Running Drills

Running drills help improve running economy as well. When you perform running drills, you are always on your toes. This trains your body to transition into forefoot running which helps you run light. You are also spending less energy running this way.

With these 5 simple tips, you’re sure to be hitting some personal bests soon!


  1. 10km for female veteran 43 years old. Aim to complete 10km in 90 minutes… I started running early 2018 before this keen on hiking 3-5 days in a week ……. not easy to achieve. LOL


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