When it comes to dieting, or eating healthy, many people tend to get quite lost as to what they should be doing or putting into their bodies on top of all the exercise they do. I’m not just talking about those who are starting out but also the ones who may have been on it for some time.

And while many may say it’s all about clean eating, low carbs, high protein, and lots of water, believe me when I say that most of us don’t have a clue what exactly clean eating constitutes. Even when it comes down to the kind of healthy snacks to munch on when we feel the mid day hunger pangs coming on, it can be a mystery to some.

Why Does It Matter What We Have In Our Fridge?

Our fridge is probably the first place we go to when we are feeling hungry. That is the reason why nutritionists are adamant about people stocking up healthy snacks and food like fish, lean meats, nuts (unsalted and unflavoured), fruits, vegetables and maybe some protein bars because when all you have are these foods, the chances of you consuming a healthier diet is higher. If your fridge is full of sweet, salty and/or fatty snacks, the first thing your hand will reach for will be one of these foods and guess what? You will be asking yourself why you don’t seem to be losing the excess weight or becoming healthier. And as long as your fridge isn’t properly stocked, it will just become a vicious cycle every time you open that fridge door.


Is There A Way To Make Healthy Snacks Look Inviting Sitting In Our Fridge?

A fact that even I cannot deny is that your bars of chocolates and packets of sweets and bags of empty calories usually will look more tantalising as compared to your protein bars and fruits. While you can’t change the taste of these healthier snacks, you can change the way you look at them  every time you open the fridge door. Try switching the snacks around every three or four days and if you can, try and purchase a different brand of the same snacks so that you don’t suffer from taste fatigue. Our brain can be a very powerful tool when it comes to tricking our eyes and body into thinking we are consuming different items when in fact, it is just different packaging and different placements that are creating that “want” effect.

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