It’s a constant struggle between these two isn’t it? While a popular saying goes “20% exercise, 80% diet”, don’t we look at ourselves and wonder why our bodies don’t seem to have changed even when we feel we have been eating healthy and staying away from carbs, deep-fried and sweet stuff? Then again, there are those who exercise so much and yet don’t seem to lose any weight at all.

Diet More Important?

Dieticians and nutritionists have made it very clear that how we look on the outside is directly affected by what we consume. If we want to look slim and svelte, we need to stay away from as much carbs, sugar and fat laden food as much as we can and consume more fruits, vegetables and lean meat.

If you have noticed, there are several shops that sell weight-loss programmes that concentrate on the food to be consumed. These shops claim that just by consuming their special diet food, you will be able to see results even without exercise. These diet products are usually very low in carbs, with little to no fats or oil. While the taste may not be as palatable as your nasi lemak, it seems to serve its purpose of helping one lose weight.


Exercise More Important?

But without exercise, how can the body toughen up and be fit and strong right? While some may say that exercise is not necessary or it is only suitable for those who wish to develop muscles (not true!), including some form of cardio or jogging into your diet regime can help you to get rid of those excess pounds even faster and easier.

Although it is true that you can still lose weight without exercise, you may end up having flabby spots around your body that can only be tightened through exercise.

So Is One More Important Than The Other?

In conclusion, you need both to look and feel your best. Dieting alone may cause you to look tired and worn, even though it does get the job done. With the inclusion of exercise, you will not only look healthier, but also attain your weight and fitness goals in lightning speed. A good combination of diet and exercise will always get you the results you want fast!

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