To those of you who work out regularly, you will know the smell on your workout clothes that come with it. And it may seem like no matter how much you wash them, you still catch that musky waft each time you put them on again for the next session.

If you find yourself getting caught in this conundrum once too often, these tips below for getting rid of the stink (consisting mostly of your sweat!), on your exercise clothes may be highly useful for you.

#1 Wash Them Immediately When They Are Really Sweaty

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This is especially for those who always seem to return from a workout session drenched in sweat, with your workout clothes soaking in it too. Make sure you wash them immediately because when sweat gets a chance to “marinate”, it literally does that to your clothes.


#2 Soak In White Vinegar Before Washing

This is a rather interesting solution and adds to the notion that white vinegar is good for so many reasons. Soak your exercise clothes in the sink or a bucket with a cup of vinegar and some cold water for about 15 to 30 minutes, before throwing them into the washing machine. Of course if you feel like your clothes may need a little more of the vinegar solution, there’s no harm putting some in the wash too.

#3 Add Baking Soda

Baking soda is another one of those miracle items that is used in almost everything to get rid of stink. All you need to do is out one cup of baking soda into your washing machine with your smelly clothes and voila! Clean, fresh smelling workout clothes for your next gym session!

#4 Lemon Juice

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It’s interesting how the simple lemon can not only add an immense amount of flavour to our food and drink, but can also help to get rid of the stench on our clothes. All you need is the juice of one large lemon, pour it into the washing machine with your clothes, and let it do its magic. If you are wondering how lemon juice helps, it’s basically because of the citric acid that breaks down the oils in the materials, leaving your clothes bacteria and funky scent free.

#5 Stick Them In The Freezer

If you need to use your workout clothes very soon after, the next best alternative to washing them will be to stick them into the freezer. The cold air will destroy the smell but do remember to chuck them in a plastic bag though. You don’t want to have to deal with frozen clothes especially when you need to use them again so soon.

#6 Hang Them Outside To Dry

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This tip is a no-brainer. Although there are detergents that are made specially for indoor drying for laundry, it’s always best to let your stinky clothes dry naturally outdoors. For one, the sun will help to get rid of the bacteria in your clothes and two, you won’t risk having to put up with that weird mildew smell throughout your home. Win-win situation.

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