You may have heard of Kuching before – from a friend or read about it from some online article. But if you ask around, you may find that not many people know much about this Malaysian city of the state of Sarawak that is separated from the main island. Yes, even their locals have to fly to Kuching if they want to visit it.

So, what is so different about Kuching?

#1 Food

Similar to pretty much the rest of Malaysia, Kuching is a major food destination for those who venture there. Basically, you cannot call yourself a Malaysian food connoisseur if you have not tried the local delights here.

Get yourself started on a bowl of Sarawak laksa, a dish containing vermicelli rice noodles cooked in a shrimp-based broth made from sambal belacan, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, lemongrass and thickened with coconut milk. Touted as one of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s top 10 dishes – this piping hot bowl is served with a generous amount of bean sprouts, prawns, omelette strips and shredded chicken. The ingredients may sound similar to our kind of laksa but the taste profile is definitely something you need to try.


 Photo Credits: VKeong

Then there is the kolo mee. This simple bowl of yellow noodles that mildly resembles wanton mee consists of yellow egg noodles tossed in a light sauce before it is served with slices of barbecued pork, chicken cutlet or minced meat. The dish usually comes in two flavours – plain or seasoned with red sauce. Some regulars also request it to be seasoned with soya sauce or, in some cases, black vinegar.

 Photo Credits: Vkeong

How about a plate of kway teow (flat rice noodles), served in a tomato-based gravy with vegetables, chicken and seafood? The ones most of us are used to is cooked in a savoury stock broth so Kuching’s version may just give you a different taste on your tongue you may fondly remember for a long time to come.

#2 The People and the Culture

You will notice that Sarawak, in general, still has a good mix of diverse cultures spanning from those of urbanites to various indigenous ones. People are generally nice and friendly and are always happy to help you along the way should you need it. Very much needed in our time and age indeed!

#3 Attractions

Kuching, also known affectionately as “Cat City” (because “Kuching” means “cat” in Malay), sees several cat related features and sightseeing spots all over. The most outstanding one would be the gigantic cat statue that sits in the city centre. There is also a cat museum in suburban Petra Jaya where all you feline lovers can get your fill of all things cat.

Photo Credits: Malaysiazine

Then of course you will also have your historical monuments like the Tua Pek Kong Temple, Fort Margherita and the Sarawak Musuem where you can learn more about the state’s history.

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