Bear in mind, always train hard so you can race easy! Here are 3 training routes you can check out on your next run.

#1 Penang Botanical Gardens

Photo Credits: NK Khoo

Penang Botanical Gardens is perfect for training. There is a small loop for some speed interval training, and a bigger loop for slower long runs. Want to do some hill training? – run up Penang hill or select sections of it to do hill repeats. There are also trails through moongate for you to run. All kinds of training, all in one place! This is the perfect place for runners to train.

#2 Kuching Reservoir Park

Photo Credits: My Sarawak


A beautiful park overlooked by runners as to how much different types of training can be done, all in one location. One loop around the lake gives you a kilometre. You can utilize this for 1km speed intervals or you can loop it to make it a long run.There is also paths that branch out that gives you a run with mile elevation. And yes, there is also stairs for strength training. Here, you can run and train in beauty and tranquility.

#3 Bukit Jalil Park, Kuala Lumpur

Photo Credits: MZulkifli

If you have not heard, this is the place where the Standard Chartered KL Marathon holds their running clinic – and with good reason. The hilly route will give you a good long run. There is also a stairway to heaven where you can do some stairs-training. Everyone should incorporate stairs into their training as they are able to give your legs some good strength. It will make a whole lot of difference in your runs. You can also pick the milder less hilly sections to do some fartlek or speed training.

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